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Food Combining ChartIn addition to maintaining an alkaline diet, there are also distinct advantages to combining your foods properly. When different kinds of foods are combined at the same meal, the end result is either a positive benefit for your body, or a negative one.

There are some foods that work well together, and others that can have a detrimental effect on your body when they are eaten at the same time. If you wish to use a food combination diet to achieve better health, it’s usually easiest if you have a complete food combining chart to refer to.

Advantages of Proper Food Combinations

A proper food combining chart can sometimes seem to be a bit complicated, but in its simplest terms it is designed to get the most benefit out of the foods you eat. When foods are eaten in the wrong combinations, the body’s ability to digest them is impaired.

Different kinds of foods require different kinds of digestive juices in order to process them properly. When the wrong foods are eaten together, digestion is delayed. The longer food stays in your digestive system without being processed, the more detrimental it becomes. Food can even start to putrefy if it remains in the digestive tract too long.

However, when the correct foods are eaten together, digestion can take place quickly and efficiently, and the body can get the most benefit from the nutrients in the food.

Choosing a Food Combining Chart

There many printable food combining charts available, although some are quite a bit easier to work with than others. Unfortunately, some charts can be incomplete, or could even be a bit outdated in regards to the information they contain. Some also present the information in a more easy to understand fashion. When considering a raw food combination chart, you should think about your usual eating habits, and see if you can find most of the foods you eat on the chart. Comparing several charts can also help you determine if the chart is accurate and complete. Some charts are designed to be printed, while others are mainly to be used on a computer.

Any chart you choose should indicate which foods work well together, as well as which of them should never be eaten together. In addition to showing good combinations versus bad combinations, many charts also use varying colors to show if something is very bad or very good. For example, a chart might use a light green color to indicate foods that are acceptable to combine, and a dark green shade to indicate foods that are particularly beneficial to combine. This kind of information can be very helpful when you are trying to devise a good food plan.

Is it Necessary to Pay for a Food Combining Chart?

The answer to this question depends on your specific needs. While there are many free food combining charts available, they do vary in quality. Some of the best charts also come with additional detailed information such as specific rules to follow, which can make it much easier to adhere to a food combining diet.

We currently provide a FREE printable food combining chart that can also be downloaded. It also contain the rules to follow for proper food combining. Just enter your email in the form provided to get immediate access to it.


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For Rapid Results, The Next Step Is To Get Our Alkaline Food Chart

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