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Tips on Eating Alkaline Rich Foods

Alkaline Rich FoodsIt can sometimes be a little difficult and confusing when one first starts eating an alkaline diet. So many common foods such as meats, dairy products, processed grains, and sugar can create a very acidic environment inside the body. It can also be confusion because a food that is highly acidic in its natural state, such as a lemon or apple cider vinegar, can actually have a very alkaline ash producing effect in the body. However, there are some tips you can follow to make eating a healthy alkaline diet easier than ever before. Firstly, find a good list of alkaline rich foods – we have one available on this site.

Focus on Salads

Salads are healthy for a number of different reasons including the alkaline effect they can have on the body. Choose dark green salad greens, such as raw spinach. Iceberg lettuce is also fine to use, but it is not as high in nutrients when compared to darker green salad greens. Add a bit of healthy fat by adding an avocado slice or two. Crunchy soybeans are also an excellent salad addition. Top it off with a salad dressing based on olive oil, and you’ll have a delicious meal that will improve the alkaline pH of your body. Salads can also help maintain a healthy weight.

Don’t Overcook Your Vegetables

Everyone knows that overcooking vegetables can reduce their nutrient content. But, did you also know that you can sometimes convert an alkaline food into an acidifying one, simply by cooking it? For example, spinach is considered to be a good addition to an alkaline diet when raw, but it is considered to be slightly acidifying when cooked. Try eating many of your vegetables raw, or lightly steam them instead of cooking the life out of them.

Avoid Processed Grains and Sugar

White flour and sugar are both culprits of making the body too acidic. Unfortunately, these are also some of the most common foods in many people’s diets. Limit your consumption of bread, noodles, baked goods and processed cereals. Instead, focus on grains such as wild rice, quinoa, amaranth, and millet.

Eat Less Meat and Dairy Products

Meats and dairy products can have a very acidifying effect on the body. Instead, substitute healthier protein foods such as soy milk and soy cheese, goat milk and goat cheese, soybeans and almonds.

Eat More Fruit

Most fruits can be an excellent addition to an alkaline diet. Citrus fruits, watermelon, papayas, mangos, apples and blueberries are among the best choices. Raisins are also a good addition to your diet. However, fruits such as prunes, blackberries and cranberries can have an acidifying effect.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can have a very detrimental effect on the body’s pH level. Instead of using these products, focus on natural Stevia sweeteners, raw sugar, or pure maple sugar as part of your alkaline diet program. Replacing regular and diet sodas with green or herb tea, whether it’s hot or cold, can also make a big difference in your body’s pH level.

Learn to Combine Foods

Eating alkaline rich food doesn’t mean you can never have some of your favorite acidifying foods. There are also ways of combining acid and alkaline foods to optimize digestion and nutrition. Using a food combination chart can be the easiest way of learning the proper ways to combine foods.

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  • I would like some recipies to follow being that I’ve just found out that I should go on this alkaline diet.Thanks

    - Jean Cooper
    • Enter your email in the box on the right and you’ll be sent the food plus some alkaline recipes also.

      - admin
  • I would like some recipes and a list of combinations of food, that was discussed in the above article, that can make my diet more alkaline. thank you, Carolyn

    - carolyn baynes
    • Enter your email and they will be sent to you automatically.

      - admin
  • my body is totally full of inflamation as it is to acidic could you please give me some tips and recipes on how to combine my food better i am always in constant pain as well as bloating, constipation, fatigue and tired

    - sandra beverly
  • eczema, constipation and tiredness are making my life miserable, please send recipes to help these conditions

    - kerry dalton
  • Great site, first time I have looked. Got a lot of reading to do…get back with you later.

    Surviver of prostrate cancer, now fighting stomach cancer – stage11

    - James Freeman
  • I am fighting systemic yeast infection, from an overload 2000mgs of vancomycin for 2 years straight.I had c-difficule staff and ulcerative colitis.End result lost colon,gallbadder.Reacurring yeast can’t keep under control.Any tips for me on the diet?

    - lois hughes
  • My mum gas just been diagnosed with stomach cancer but before thus was told it was chrones disease sinus currently on a very processed diet which includes White bread and well cooked vegetables. She has now been advised to eat an alkaline rich diet so please advise what she could eat. Thank you

    - Ginette Riccini
  • Great and very useful site. I did recommend to lot of my friends. I started to eat more alkaline food and I feel much much better. My everyday-pain is gone, I am in better mood and have more energy…

    - Rasima Bekto
  • I had been suffering for gout attack for the past 8 years …

    Need to change my eating habits. Many thanks.

  • I would like some recipes and combinations that are good to put together (or others to avoid). Thanks

    - Sharlene Andersen
  • I’m now suffering hyperacidity..actually, this hyperacidity is not due only to food but also to stress and anger. Thanks for the list.

    - Reggienan Batuhan
  • today i started to find a cure for diseases and cooking a healthy food so i will share soon////

    - antonia paraquiles
  • Please help me – I am eating alkaline foods no dairy, no bread, no meat and the litmus tests show that I am below 5. What can I do?

    - sheila
  • I’m confused as to what fruits to eat and veg. every list for acidosis is different.I have freguent urinating every 15mi to 1/2 hr pain & burning tried diffrent products & fruits, vegs claiming to be alkaline w/ no help please send a list I can count on. Eat only vegs, fruits no dairy or carbs, no meat.Was diag w/acidosis.

    - elaine
  • I spend five hours in the ER on Thanksgiving night. My stomach felt like a volcano and I had chest pain. Did not overeat that day and this is first onset.

    - D. Clifford

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