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Alkaline Diet Benefits – Five Signs You Need It

Alkaline Diet Benefits SignsThere are many benefits to eating an alkaline diet. Over-acidity in the body can result in chronic health issues, while an alkaline diet can help to prevent these same problems. Some of the symptoms of an over-acid diet include fatigue, gum and teeth problems, a tendency towards getting sick frequently, pain and inflammation, and premature aging. If you are experiencing any of these problems, read on to see how an alkaline diet can help.

Improved Energy Levels

Proper cell functioning is very important to a person’s overall energy level. If the cells are not healthy, they are not as effective at holding and transferring oxygen within the body. This can result in overall fatigue and a lack of energy. The body’s pH level can also affect a cell’s ability to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is important to the body’s energy level. This process normally takes place within a cell’s mitochondria. If the body’s pH level is too acidic, this process does not take place as effectively.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

When the pH level of the body is too acidic, it stands to reason that the mouth will also be quite acidic. Unfortunately, when the level of acid in the mouth is too high, it can cause bacteria to grow at a much faster rate. Bacteria can cause a number of different problems in the mouth, such as gum disease and bad breath. A high level of acid and bacteria in the mouth will also increase a person’s chances for tooth decay. Many people note an improvement in their overall level of oral health after switching to a diet program that promotes an alkaline pH level in the body.

Improved Immune Function

When cells are healthy, they are effectively able to absorb the nutrients they require. Healthy cells are also efficient at eliminating waste products. If cells become weakened in any way, they are not nearly as effective at these kinds of functions. As a result, infectious organisms have a better chance of affecting these cells. When the body’s pH is too acidic, cells cannot function at their optimal level. This is why a person is more likely to become ill, develop infections, or even develop cancer when their diet is acidic as compared to alkaline.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Magnesium is one of the minerals the body uses to help control excessive acidity. If you eat a diet that has an acidic effect, the body is forced to use more magnesium to help neutralize it. However, magnesium is also a useful nutrient in the body that helps to support joint and tissue functions. By eating a diet that has an alkaline effect on the body instead of an acidic effect, your body will have more magnesium available to help reduce tissue and joint pain and inflammation.

Slower Aging

When cells are subjected to an acidic environment, they function much less efficiently. This reduction in functionality can impair a cell’s ability to repair itself, thus resulting in premature aging. Premature aging can also occur when cells are not able to get enough oxygen, and when they are not able to rid themselves of toxins. An alkaline diet can help prevent all of these scenarios. Better functioning cells means a younger appearance for you. Plus, as an added benefit, an alkaline diet program will also help you maintain a healthy weight.

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  • Actually here in the Philippines we use alkaline water to treat some diseases and it really helps to avoid cancer and heart disease.

    - raplh
  • What is a good green drink? I am confused about them.

    I want it to taste very good with the addition of maybe–apple cider).

    It should contain a wide variety of veges similar to V-8 but w/o tomato juice.

    - Eeeee
  • I tried the homemade green drink by puree the different vegetables in a blender. I puree two or three types of lettuce, Cucumber, Spinach, carrot, celery stalk, with some salt or sometimes a table spoon of ranch dressing and it taste OK but I prefer eating it. I guess drinking it you consume more but eating it I enjoy it more. That way it get mixed with the saliva in my mouth.

    - swabyw
  • I purchased a Digital Water pH Meter from Dick Smith (Sydney, Australia – $80.00) My urine pH is ranging between 4.91 – 5.83. I have skin cancer having had 51 excisions; countless burnt off with liquid nitrogen and numerous treated with black salve ointment; I have had stomach issues for some years, I have severe osteoporosis, aching bones, atrial fibrillation. I believe I can do something about my condition and we are very keen to ascertain if this will make any changes for the better.

    - bobelvanapier

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