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Alkaline Body Balance

“Learn how to achieve the optimal alkaline body balance”

In order to achieve optimum health in the human body, one must have an alkaline body balance. Health care practitioners and researchers credit the causes of many illnesses to an imbalance of ph levels in the body. This means that the body has high levels of acid and unable to sustain normal bodily functions. When this occurs, the body has to utilize excess energy to remove the increase of toxins invading it. This results to the use of other mineral deposits within the cells leaving one feeling lethargic and sick.

The body’s ph levels are balanced and under control at 7.35-7.45. This level allows the body to maintain internal pH balance without depleting its alkaline reserve. Achieving ph balance only requires one to alter their diet and include more alkaline foods in their meals. These alkaline foods are responsible for replenishing the body’s alkalinity. As such, they should take up various feeding habits and avoid the consumption of acidic foods.

The most acidifying beverages are sodas especially due to their sugar content. Processed foods and other sweeteners all fall into this category. These foods alter the body’s ph levels negatively. It is important for one to have a food chart detailing the lists of foods that are either alkaline or acidic. This can serve as a guide for planning a highly alkaline meal.

Alkaline body balance can be attained quite easily. All you have to do is avoid acidic food and indulge in alkaline foods. Vegetables are the most alkaline foods and they should make up a large part of the food you consume every day. Although most acidic foods are harmful to your health, some acidic foods alkalize the body after digestion. Such foods include fruits like lemons and you should eat them regularly or even take water with them.

After making the decision to live a healthier life, ensure you eat a green salad daily, take fruits instead of sweets, take plenty of water, avoid processed foods and sugar, and exercise regularly. If you are looking to live a long life, check your pH levels now and change your eating habits in order to achieve optimal pH balance.

Use this free acid alkaline food list for best results.

Blood pH

The Importance Of Elevated Blood pH In Slowing The Aging Process

All humans are born with an alkaline blood pH about 7.4. This tends to decrease with age as levels become more acidic. This is the reason why older people are more likely to be sick. It also accelerates the overall aging process. Experts have been speculated that increasing the pH of the body can slow down the aging phenomena. Alkaline food and water can help to increase this level in the blood. This is a simple test and leafy green vegetables are a great source of alkaline foods. Acidic foods of course help to decrease the pH level.

The human body get rids of toxins through urine or perspiration. If these aren’t released, the aging process is accelerated. This is one reason that vigor is lost with age. The balance of hydroxyl (OH) ions compared to hydrogen (H) ions is slanted towards the former. This is a supplier of oxygen, while the other element takes it. An increase in oxygen is equivalent to an energy boost. So eating alkaline rich foods is a great way to release more of this oxygen and get the badly needed energy. By maintaining a high blood pH, the body also has elevated oxygen levels and this helps to replenish the cells and retards aging.

This can also help to prevent arthritis and also gout in some cases. This also is a way to get rid of Uric Acid from the body. It can only be dissolved in solutions with an alkaline bias. So by getting rid of the cause of gout and arthritis, the body can also likely not suffer from these diseases. Without the deposits of Uric Acid in the joints, the ailments cannot occur. With age comes the increasing possibility of disease and related ailments.

This is mostly due to the drop in blood pH. The aging process is blamed for many body deficits. But it is caused by high acid deposits in the body. Anti-aging seeks to slow down the toxins that accumulate in the body. An alkaline blood level of at least 7.4 must be obtained in order to purge the body of wastes and toxins.

View this acidic and alkaline food list for more information on foods to eat to balance your blood pH levels.

pH Balance

Reveal The Health Benefits of Seeking PH Balance With Diet Transformations

The human body naturally seeks to attain ph balance within. But while level ph is an inherent state sought by the inner organs and vital portions of the body, imbalance between the acidity and alkaline is creating discourse within bodies of countless people across the world.

When the ph with a body is imbalanced, the cells within are greatly affected. Closely related to ph balance, the health of our cells coincide closely with the acidity or alkaline ratio. While each of our cells seem to be a small factor toward our health, each plays an very important role in organ function, immune systems and other aspects of our bodies which rely on flourishing cells to thrive and maintain proper operation. Diseases and health issues are most often a result of conditions on a cellular level rather than merely within various organs, as is often the misconception.

A prosperous ph balance in our tissue and cells is often thought of to be between 7.35 and 7.45. A ph that is tested and results in a level below 7 is too acidic while a status higher than 7 is the result of an alkaline environment. Foods and diets filled with acidic foods and drinks will result in a more acidic ph level. On the other hand, a diet balanced between acidity and alkaline will result in prosperous, healthy cells and tissue, which affects the rest of the body, organs and function. A ratio of 70-80 percent alkaline foods and drinks to 20-30 percent acidic is usually a reasonable target for most consumers to strive toward in order to attain increased balance.


Food and drink consumption, emotions and stress levels can all become factors in the balance of ph levels in each individual body. Despite the lack of control many have in regards to emotions and excessive stress, diet is an aspect of balancing ph that many can grasp dominion over. Processed and refined foods are often higher in acidity levels while foods comprised of more natural ingredients and lacking excessive processing, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts, are alkaline foods.

Seeking health and harmony within the body can be as simple as monitoring foods consumed, keeping an acid and alkaline food list in order to gain greater control over ph balance by informing oneself with information and research.

Body pH

Understanding the Importance of Body pH

Learn why you must begin to maintain your body pH levels.

In order to support good health, one must understand the importance of balancing their body pH levels. The human body, when in good health, is a naturally alkaline environment. On the pH scale, which is ranked from one to fourteen, one being acidic and fourteen being alkaline, the human body should be about a 7.4 to 7.6.

When the body’s pH levels are balanced, the human body is equipped to fight against illness, disease, and perform optimally. However, when an individual fails to control their pH levels they will begin to feel fatigued, they may get a lot of colds, become congested, and easily get the flu. An acidic body is also susceptible to more serious conditions, like heart disease, ovarian cysts. kidney stones, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and a number of other diseases.

How to Balance and Maintain the Body’s pH Levels:

The best way to maintain good health and optimal pH levels is to consume a diet high in alkaline foods and low in acidic foods. Alkaline foods should make up the majority of one’s diet, while acidic foods should make up anywhere from 20% to 40% of one’s diet.

When consuming an alkaline diet, individuals should aim to consume leafy, green vegetables, certain grains, beans, soy products, nuts, low fat dairy, dried fruits, and natural vegetable juices. Acidic foods, like those high in fat and sugar, as well as red meat, fresh fruits, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods, should be limited as much as possible. Also, when consuming acidic foods, it is important to make healthy choices, like fruits, instead of sugary desserts.

Are You at a Healthy pH? Learn How to Tell

When consuming an alkaline diet, many dieters want to know their body’s pH level. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that an individual can test these levels from the comfort of their own home. Simple tests, like urine pH tests and pH testing strips, make it easy for dieters to know exactly how their diet is affecting their body, as well as their health. This helps to keep dieters motivated and committed to working towards their ideal body pH.

Use a free list of alkaline foods to see what foods you should be eating for body pH balance.

pH Diet

The pH Diet: Balanced For Life

Read how the right diet for pH balance is like a clean health bill.

To Diet, Or Not

Fad diets come and go, and certain diets that emphasize a reduced carbohydrate intake also advise a greatly increased protein intake. Meats are chief sources of protein that satiate hunger more quickly than vegetable protein sources. However, meats aren’t the best types of food to prioritize where body blood pH is concerned. While the human body knows what is good or bad for it, the person who possesses it usually doesn’t and should be aware of the pH diet, a diet that serves to promote a balanced pH for optimal health.

Basically, certain kinds of foods affect pH, body weight and overall health. Foods like fruits and vegetables help pH balance and are alkaline-forming. Acid-forming foods include meats, dairy, alcohol, and foods high in sodium or refined sugar. Naturally, these only help to keep pH levels below the safe zone, which makes the body work even harder to maintain the pH.

Not All Foods Are Created Equal

Many foods that may seem to adhere to the pH diet, popularly referred to as the pH Miracle diet, aren’t. Meats are typically consumed and contain excessive sodium levels, and the body needs potassium to balance its sodium intake. Fish is a good source of magnesium, another critical pH mineral, but other animal meats are not. Good filling sources of pH-friendly protein are derived from unsalted nuts, beans, and a unique grain called quinoa, which sports a notably meatlike consistency in its texture.

Ideally the inclusion of more fruits, vegetables, nuts and very modest appropriation of lean white meats is better for any diet plan. In lieu of red meat, choose a palm-sized portion of lean chicken, or fish for its magnesium and Omega oil content. Also, cooking and overcooking greatly reduces nutrient levels in food to a woeful low. Instead, steam vegetables, and eat them raw whenever possible. Anything is best in its most natural state.

A free alkaline food chart will show you which foods are best to eat.

Skeptical About The pH Diet? — Then Try It

While the body works best to maintain its pH level on its own, it needs all the help it can get. The pH Diet isn’t just a change-up, its objective is quite sensible.

Alkaline Diet Plan

Discover why an alkaline diet plan will make you healthy.

Unfortunately, the traditional wisdom concerning proper nutrition, a scheme totally counter to the alkaline diet plan, does more harm than good. The ‘food pyramid’ is actually filled with “acidic” foods, substances with a pH less than 7, while our body does better when it is slightly alkaline, with a pH around 7.4. Thus, these acidic foods are actually the main cause of many diseases and conditions, including obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. An acidic diet can also have a negative impact on your day-to-day health by making you feel sluggish and generally awful.

The Alkaline Diet Plan Solution

Luckily, the negative effects of this ‘normal’ diet can be reversed by switching to an alkaline diet. Foods in this diet plan, when digested, leave behind ‘ash’ in the body. This ash helps to balance the body’s pH to make it more alkaline, ultimately reversing the many health problems caused by the body’s acidic environment.

Foods in the alkaline diet are primarily plant-based. It thus shares similarities with other diets, like the raw food diet. The best foods for rebalancing pH include fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, citrus fruits, and tubers. Dieters should also avoid highly acidic or acidifying foods, including dairy products, meat, grains, and salty products, at least at first. Those who are detoxifying their body with this diet will find a recipe for any taste or desire.

The benefits of this diet, when used properly, can be life-changing. Many who have trouble losing weight with traditional methods may finally see the pounds come off when they change to an alkaline diet. Others may find that diseases thought incurable, like heart disease and diabetes, become less prevalent and dangerous. In addition, many on this diet will be saved from the ravages of cancer.

Those who embark on the alkaline diet plan don’t have to give up acidifying foods altogether (use a list of alkaline foods to see what foods are best). Once a normal balance has been achieved, dieters can and should eat normal foods. Though many foods build up acid in the body, they also contain other nutrients that the body needs to thrive. Of course, the key is moderation and balance.

The Alkaline Diet