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Acid Alkaline Diet

Learn more about the acid alkaline diet and how it can benefit your body.

If you wish to get your body in the right track, then perhaps you should consider taking advantage of the acid alkaline diet. You may already know that your body’s pH level is an important part of your body’s overall health. Your current diet can negatively or positively affect your pH level. This is where the acid alkaline diet can positively affect your health.

pH Levels and Dieting

If you have a pH level of seven, then your body is perfectly balanced. This means that your body is neither acidic nor alkaline. The fluids in your body have different pH levels. In addition, the food that you consume can have a certain level of acid or alkaline in it. This will have different effects on your body.

The Acid Alkaline Diet Theory

Most of the food that people eat has a lot of acid in it. This includes fish, meats, eggs, dairy, and grains. The PRAL scale measures this. The PRAL scale measures the degree of acidity of alkalinity in different foods that you may eat. A majority of diets may put your body out of balance due to highly acidic foods. The acid alkaline diet can put your body back into balance by promoting the consumption of a diet that has foods that are more alkaline.

Following the Diet

In order to follow the acid alkaline diet, you must decrease your consumption of foods that contain are highly acidic. It is possible to create a recipe that helps with increasing your consumption of alkaline foods and decreasing the consumption of acidic foods. Alkaline foods include fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Each meal that one eats while on the acid alkaline diet should contain equal amounts of acid and alkaline foods. However, it is also a good idea to tip this balance with more alkaline foods. An alkaline acid food chart will point you in the right direction when choosing which foods to eat.

Benefits of the Acid Alkaline Diet

There are many ways in which the acid alkaline diet can help your body. For example, when your body is in a highly acidic state, your body is forced to restore the balance on its own. This is done by drawing calcium from your bones. This weakens your bones slightly and could cause diseases like osteoporosis.

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