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Alkaline Body Balance

“Learn how to achieve the optimal alkaline body balance”

In order to achieve optimum health in the human body, one must have an alkaline body balance. Health care practitioners and researchers credit the causes of many illnesses to an imbalance of ph levels in the body. This means that the body has high levels of acid and unable to sustain normal bodily functions. When this occurs, the body has to utilize excess energy to remove the increase of toxins invading it. This results to the use of other mineral deposits within the cells leaving one feeling lethargic and sick.

The body’s ph levels are balanced and under control at 7.35-7.45. This level allows the body to maintain internal pH balance without depleting its alkaline reserve. Achieving ph balance only requires one to alter their diet and include more alkaline foods in their meals. These alkaline foods are responsible for replenishing the body’s alkalinity. As such, they should take up various feeding habits and avoid the consumption of acidic foods.

The most acidifying beverages are sodas especially due to their sugar content. Processed foods and other sweeteners all fall into this category. These foods alter the body’s ph levels negatively. It is important for one to have a food chart detailing the lists of foods that are either alkaline or acidic. This can serve as a guide for planning a highly alkaline meal.

Alkaline body balance can be attained quite easily. All you have to do is avoid acidic food and indulge in alkaline foods. Vegetables are the most alkaline foods and they should make up a large part of the food you consume every day. Although most acidic foods are harmful to your health, some acidic foods alkalize the body after digestion. Such foods include fruits like lemons and you should eat them regularly or even take water with them.

After making the decision to live a healthier life, ensure you eat a green salad daily, take fruits instead of sweets, take plenty of water, avoid processed foods and sugar, and exercise regularly. If you are looking to live a long life, check your pH levels now and change your eating habits in order to achieve optimal pH balance.

Use this free acid alkaline food list for best results.

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