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Alkaline Cancer Diet

Learn about the Alkaline Cancer Diet to radically change your health

Alkaline Cancer Diet

The alkaline cancer diet is based on the idea that cancer survives when fed acidic foods. Excess growths die out when fed the alkaline diet. Your plan to improve your health should include an increase of vegetables that balance your pH. Health does benefit off of a diet that is heavy in berries and leafy green vegetables. Bananas are heavy in potassium which is needed heavily in this sort of diet. There are some vegetables that are acidic such as corn, olives, or winter squash.

Meat and the Alkaline Diet

Contrary to many popular beliefs regarding the alkaline diet, meat is allowed. Chicken breast is an acceptable protein as is cottage cheese, nuts and tofu. A good sweetener to use is stevia. Salted butter is acid. Unsalted butter, the recommended type of butter is alkaline. Seasonings include cayenne pepper, chili pepper, curry, and tumeric. Cinnamon and ginger are alkaline as are miso and sea salt. Mineral water is alkaline as is any type of water filtered into alkalinity. Fresh fruit juice is alkaline as is veggie juices made from carrot or other strictly alkaline vegetables. The acidic alkaline food list on our site will show you which foods are acidic and which are alkaline.


Extra minerals to add into your diet will have an alkaline effect on your body. These are Cesium, Potassium, and Sodium at pH 14. Calcium’s pH is 12, Magnesium is pH 9. Acid in your body causes growth of tumors. Healthy pH is 7.35-7.45, and anything above that is the beginning of illness. Slightly acidic blood causes more trouble. Acidic foods used daily such as meat, dairy and eggs, can be a contributing factor towards illness. One great recipe for an alkaline friendly meal plan would include, scrambled eggs for breakfast, with bell peppers, and onions. Lunch could be a salad full of butter lettuce, tomato, asparagus, and avocado. For dinner, you can include meat such as fish, with seasoned potatoes on the side and unsalted butter. Your body will benefit from a better pH level when the amount of acidity is reduced. Illnesses will be less frequent and you will have more energy using the alkaline cancer diet.

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