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Alkaline Diet Plan

Discover why an alkaline diet plan will make you healthy.

Unfortunately, the traditional wisdom concerning proper nutrition, a scheme totally counter to the alkaline diet plan, does more harm than good. The ‘food pyramid’ is actually filled with “acidic” foods, substances with a pH less than 7, while our body does better when it is slightly alkaline, with a pH around 7.4. Thus, these acidic foods are actually the main cause of many diseases and conditions, including obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. An acidic diet can also have a negative impact on your day-to-day health by making you feel sluggish and generally awful.

The Alkaline Diet Plan Solution

Luckily, the negative effects of this ‘normal’ diet can be reversed by switching to an alkaline diet. Foods in this diet plan, when digested, leave behind ‘ash’ in the body. This ash helps to balance the body’s pH to make it more alkaline, ultimately reversing the many health problems caused by the body’s acidic environment.

Foods in the alkaline diet are primarily plant-based. It thus shares similarities with other diets, like the raw food diet. The best foods for rebalancing pH include fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes, citrus fruits, and tubers. Dieters should also avoid highly acidic or acidifying foods, including dairy products, meat, grains, and salty products, at least at first. Those who are detoxifying their body with this diet will find a recipe for any taste or desire.

The benefits of this diet, when used properly, can be life-changing. Many who have trouble losing weight with traditional methods may finally see the pounds come off when they change to an alkaline diet. Others may find that diseases thought incurable, like heart disease and diabetes, become less prevalent and dangerous. In addition, many on this diet will be saved from the ravages of cancer.

Those who embark on the alkaline diet plan don’t have to give up acidifying foods altogether (use a list of alkaline foods to see what foods are best). Once a normal balance has been achieved, dieters can and should eat normal foods. Though many foods build up acid in the body, they also contain other nutrients that the body needs to thrive. Of course, the key is moderation and balance.

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