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Blood pH

The Importance Of Elevated Blood pH In Slowing The Aging Process

All humans are born with an alkaline blood pH about 7.4. This tends to decrease with age as levels become more acidic. This is the reason why older people are more likely to be sick. It also accelerates the overall aging process. Experts have been speculated that increasing the pH of the body can slow down the aging phenomena. Alkaline food and water can help to increase this level in the blood. This is a simple test and leafy green vegetables are a great source of alkaline foods. Acidic foods of course help to decrease the pH level.

The human body get rids of toxins through urine or perspiration. If these aren’t released, the aging process is accelerated. This is one reason that vigor is lost with age. The balance of hydroxyl (OH) ions compared to hydrogen (H) ions is slanted towards the former. This is a supplier of oxygen, while the other element takes it. An increase in oxygen is equivalent to an energy boost. So eating alkaline rich foods is a great way to release more of this oxygen and get the badly needed energy. By maintaining a high blood pH, the body also has elevated oxygen levels and this helps to replenish the cells and retards aging.

This can also help to prevent arthritis and also gout in some cases. This also is a way to get rid of Uric Acid from the body. It can only be dissolved in solutions with an alkaline bias. So by getting rid of the cause of gout and arthritis, the body can also likely not suffer from these diseases. Without the deposits of Uric Acid in the joints, the ailments cannot occur. With age comes the increasing possibility of disease and related ailments.

This is mostly due to the drop in blood pH. The aging process is blamed for many body deficits. But it is caused by high acid deposits in the body. Anti-aging seeks to slow down the toxins that accumulate in the body. An alkaline blood level of at least 7.4 must be obtained in order to purge the body of wastes and toxins.

View this acidic and alkaline food list for more information on foods to eat to balance your blood pH levels.

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