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High Alkaline Diet

The Truth About the High Alkaline Diet

Learn the true benefits of following a high alkaline diet.

Many alternative health practitioners are proclaiming the high alkaline diet as the newest health requirement, with an ability to cure anything from cancer to osteoporosis, all while fighting obesity and the signs of aging. The truth, however, is that a high alkaline diet is nothing new; it is the same diet our ancestors followed before the invention of processing food.

What is a high alkaline diet?

A high alkaline diet concentrates on consuming foods that give off an alkaline ash once digested. These foods may be either alkaline or acidic before consumption, but once digested they promote an alkaline environment in the body. Citrus fruits, for example, are acidic. Once digested, however, citrus fruits become alkaline forming. Nearly all fruits and vegetables are alkaline producing. Processed or canned fruits and fruit juices, however, are acid forming. All animal products, such as meats, milk, cheese and other dairy products, are acid producing foods. Breads, pasta, and rice are also acid producing foods.

Following a high alkaline diet plan is simple. You don’t have to completely eliminate any of the foods that you love. If your favorite foods are alkaline producing, keep eating! But if your favorite recipe is full of acid producing foods, just cut back the quantity to no more than 40 percent or your daily dietary intake. In order to maintain a healthy pH balance, alkaline producing foods should make up 60 percent of your diet. If your pH levels are already acidic, increase your consumption of alkaline producing foods to 80 percent. The alkaline diet food list on our site will provide you with the pH ratings of food so you know which food are acid and which are alkaline forming.

What are the health benefits of a high alkaline diet?

Any doctor will tell you that a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthy one. It not only helps to maintain a healthy body weight, this diet also helps prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, a diet high in fruits and vegetables aids in maintaining a healthy immune system, which not only enables your body to fight off colds and influenza, but is essential in preventing chronic diseases as well.

A high alkaline diet is no health fad. While research into the claims that a high alkaline diet can prevent or cure cancer, osteoporosis, or digestive problems have not yet been conducted, no one can dispute that eating more fruits and vegetables, and less fried chicken and potato chips, is a choice that will have numerous health benefits.

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