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pH Balance

Reveal The Health Benefits of Seeking PH Balance With Diet Transformations

The human body naturally seeks to attain ph balance within. But while level ph is an inherent state sought by the inner organs and vital portions of the body, imbalance between the acidity and alkaline is creating discourse within bodies of countless people across the world.

When the ph with a body is imbalanced, the cells within are greatly affected. Closely related to ph balance, the health of our cells coincide closely with the acidity or alkaline ratio. While each of our cells seem to be a small factor toward our health, each plays an very important role in organ function, immune systems and other aspects of our bodies which rely on flourishing cells to thrive and maintain proper operation. Diseases and health issues are most often a result of conditions on a cellular level rather than merely within various organs, as is often the misconception.

A prosperous ph balance in our tissue and cells is often thought of to be between 7.35 and 7.45. A ph that is tested and results in a level below 7 is too acidic while a status higher than 7 is the result of an alkaline environment. Foods and diets filled with acidic foods and drinks will result in a more acidic ph level. On the other hand, a diet balanced between acidity and alkaline will result in prosperous, healthy cells and tissue, which affects the rest of the body, organs and function. A ratio of 70-80 percent alkaline foods and drinks to 20-30 percent acidic is usually a reasonable target for most consumers to strive toward in order to attain increased balance.


Food and drink consumption, emotions and stress levels can all become factors in the balance of ph levels in each individual body. Despite the lack of control many have in regards to emotions and excessive stress, diet is an aspect of balancing ph that many can grasp dominion over. Processed and refined foods are often higher in acidity levels while foods comprised of more natural ingredients and lacking excessive processing, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts, are alkaline foods.

Seeking health and harmony within the body can be as simple as monitoring foods consumed, keeping an acid and alkaline food list in order to gain greater control over ph balance by informing oneself with information and research.

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