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pH Diet

The pH Diet: Balanced For Life

Read how the right diet for pH balance is like a clean health bill.

To Diet, Or Not

Fad diets come and go, and certain diets that emphasize a reduced carbohydrate intake also advise a greatly increased protein intake. Meats are chief sources of protein that satiate hunger more quickly than vegetable protein sources. However, meats aren’t the best types of food to prioritize where body blood pH is concerned. While the human body knows what is good or bad for it, the person who possesses it usually doesn’t and should be aware of the pH diet, a diet that serves to promote a balanced pH for optimal health.

Basically, certain kinds of foods affect pH, body weight and overall health. Foods like fruits and vegetables help pH balance and are alkaline-forming. Acid-forming foods include meats, dairy, alcohol, and foods high in sodium or refined sugar. Naturally, these only help to keep pH levels below the safe zone, which makes the body work even harder to maintain the pH.

Not All Foods Are Created Equal

Many foods that may seem to adhere to the pH diet, popularly referred to as the pH Miracle diet, aren’t. Meats are typically consumed and contain excessive sodium levels, and the body needs potassium to balance its sodium intake. Fish is a good source of magnesium, another critical pH mineral, but other animal meats are not. Good filling sources of pH-friendly protein are derived from unsalted nuts, beans, and a unique grain called quinoa, which sports a notably meatlike consistency in its texture.

Ideally the inclusion of more fruits, vegetables, nuts and very modest appropriation of lean white meats is better for any diet plan. In lieu of red meat, choose a palm-sized portion of lean chicken, or fish for its magnesium and Omega oil content. Also, cooking and overcooking greatly reduces nutrient levels in food to a woeful low. Instead, steam vegetables, and eat them raw whenever possible. Anything is best in its most natural state.

A free alkaline food chart will show you which foods are best to eat.

Skeptical About The pH Diet? — Then Try It

While the body works best to maintain its pH level on its own, it needs all the help it can get. The pH Diet isn’t just a change-up, its objective is quite sensible.

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