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The Alkaline Acidic Diet

Discover how the Alkaline Acidic Diet can revitalize your health.

The Alkaline Acidic Diet is one that takes people back to the beginnings of humanity, when people did not have processed foods, rarely practiced agriculture, and did not have nearly as many foods that were connected to or came from animals. The diets that people practiced were very simple, and contained mostly things that they could gather on their own: fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, legumes, and tubers. These were the things that could be found in nature and consumed, and they were very good as far as overall health was concerned. Now, people are much more prone to eat things that are not good for them, and practicing a simple diet will give more balance to your intake, and give you better overall health as a result.

Two things that will get cut out, if you choose a diet of this sort, are milk and cheese. Both of these came into the human diet mostly after cows and goats had been domesticated, and they represented one of the first shifts away from the previous diet. These things are high in fat and can be harmful to your health in a number of ways, especially if they are consumed at the expense of vegetables and fruits.

Another thing that will be cut out is grain, which seems very odd, since it is such a staple of the human diet in the modern world. Many a recipe calls for some sort of grain. However, this was not one of the things that man could gather on his own and eat, at least not in abundance; it came about after the beginning of agriculture, when fields were planted. This probably happened before the introduction of milk and cheese, since these grains were also used to feed livestock.

By cutting these things out, along with processed foods and meat, the Alkaline Acidic Diet will dramatically change the way that you eat. This will make you more healthy, as you will be getting all of the vitamins and minerals that you need, and much less fat and empty calories. Combine this with a 70/30 mix of alkaline to acid foods from this acidic alkaline food list for best results.

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