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4 Tips for Starting an Alkaline pH Diet

Starting An Alkaline pH DietTo follow and live by the alkaline pH diet plan requires that one does their homework. The more you learn about the benefits of changing your eating habits and lifestyle to follow this type of diet can give you the motivation to get started. Learning how everything you’ve been doing up till now has caused an extremely acidic environment within your body can give you the determination to make some much needed changes and stick to them.

1.) First take a look at how you view food itself. The alkaline diet teaches you that what we put in our bodies has a direct link to how well our body functions. The types of foods and how they’re combined affects all systems from the digestive process to the lymphatic system. Once you get a hold of a list or chart that identifies different foods as either alkaline or acidic, you will see that you really don’t have to make drastic changes. If you’ve already been trying to eat healthy food following a pH diet food list can help you build on those good habits.

2.) Drink plenty of pure water. This is vital for a number of reasons. The body needs enough water to function properly and metabolize stored fat in an efficient way. When there is a lack of water the body responds by setting some aside for later, also known as water retention. So if you want to get rid of excess weight caused by retention you need to drink more water so that your body feels secure enough in letting stored water go. Lots of water also helps dilute salt to reduce retention even more.

3.) Basically you don’t need any specialized diet foods. Just look at what you already have in your fridge and pantry and you can fit the alkaline diet into you already existing food supplies. Using an acid/alkaline food chart can help you as you go about your grocery shopping. There are also many recipe plans where the work of proper food combination per meal has already been done for you. There are also creative and healthy ways to add flavor to your meals with throwing off ph balance. Use herbs frequently in your recipes. Drizzle on beneficial oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil, or extra virgin coconut oil. The omega fatty acids in these oils will help alkalize the body and increase vital energy.

4.) Continuing with the great idea of searching for delicious alkaline diet recipes, start slowly incorporating two to three a week. Choose food combinations that your family already enjoys and is used to eating. Each week add a few more recipes until you have about ten to twenty tasty meals that truly satisfy and curb your cravings. Many of these recipes are easy, simple and will get you to feeling energized and renewed in no time.

When you realize that following the alkaline diet can be the answer you’ve been searching for to increase your energy levels and jump start your metabolism you’ll find it’s easy to make any adjustments needed with alkaline pH diet recipes so that you can benefit from it in the best possible way.

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  • i am very happy ,now i am doing this wanderfoul diet i feel great,i am not tired anymore

    - alba castr
  • I am really interested with alkaline diet I am suffering from obesity so I have to lose more weight.

    - raplh
  • I know the importance of an alkaline body, sooo how important is drinking alkaline water?

    - Sharon
    • Eating alkaline foods and combining this with alkaline water is a good combination. Most importantly you should make sure you are properly hydrated.

      - admin
  • i am very much looking forward to starting the alkaline diet in the hope to lose some weight and improve my health. It make sense to eat right and live well.

    - Nunu
  • I just found out about Himalayan salt and how it helps with making sure we have the right ph. Does anyone else use it?

    - julie
  • It is amazing how my husband’s Mexican background really emphasizes this very thing as far as the diet goes. They didn’t do for alkaline reasons but it has been said that it is a good diet even when there is not much money and in this economy, that is huge right now. I guess it is better to go back to your roots! lol

    - Grandma Martha
  • I agree, Grandma Martha. I have been helping my sister do our family tree and I have come across many articles of our forebears living well into their 90’s and still active in the gardens etc.


    Some years ago while a student nurse on practical training in rest homes, I had the privelege of chatting to a dear lady who was 101 years old.

    She still had all her faculties and enjoyed being as active as her weary body would let her – which at that time was being assisted by a nurse to walk all the long corridors of the resthome.

    In amongst the conversation we had I asked her what their meals were like back in the days of her youth.

    She screwed her nose up and said the foods and meals were very basic and bland back then – they did not have all the fancy stuff that we do now to add to food.

    - Trina

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