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Alkaline Balance Diet – Frequently Asked Questions

Alkaline Balance Diet - FAQAre fruits good for me while I am on an alkaline balance diet?

In fact, contrary to what most people think, fruits can torpedo an alkaline diet. This is because while they are high in fiber, they are also high in sugar.   Sugar then converts into alcohol and other mycotoxins.  You can eat lemon, lime, avocado, tomato and watermelon (though watermelon should be eaten sparingly).  After your system has balanced, you can resume eating fruits sparingly.

What is Alkaline Water?

Tap water has a PH balance that sits between 9 and 11.  You can neutralize your water with a distiller, an ionizer or you may simply use a ph booster and add lemon or lime to it as well.  The lemon and lime also help the flavor.

How to I prevent  mycotoxins?

You can prevent microforms and myco/exo toxins that can lead to a range of health problems (e.g. flu, colds, insomnia, lethargy, dry skin, etc). by ensuring that your body does not provide sufficient acid for them to thrive in.  Mycotoixins are fungal in nature and exotoxins are bacterial in nature and are created in the body from waste produced with digestion of proteins, fats and glucose.

Should I be using green drinks while on an acid alkaline balance diet?

It is helpful to use green drinks to neutralize excess acid in your body . In addition to the other health benefits, they may also help increase your energy, and they can help reduce the amount of yeast and toxin in your body.  Green drinks are naturally highly alkaline and they may also help reduce stress, increase the burn rate of fat and promote healthy joints.

What happens if I skip a day on the alkaline diet and resume my regular eating habits?

Things happen and everyone understands that not every person can stick to a diet plan. Family events, work events and social events can throw you off your plan very easily.  However, that does not mean that you are torpedoing your diet.  If it is merely one day (or two) you have the option of doing a mini-cleanse to help rid your body of the toxins you introduced.

Will I be constantly hungry on an alkaline diet?

There are many great snacks you can enjoy in addition to your meals to avoid feeling hungry while you are on an alkaline diet. These include almonds, spouts, salads, celery, cucumbers, and many other foods that are suitable for carrying along with you. There is no need for you to feel hungry while being on an alkaline diet plan.

How do I keep my PH level up to 8? Sometimes it seems like it is erratic and I feel like I am doing something wrong.

The first thing you should know is that when you test your PH with your saliva it should be done one hour before you eat or two hours after you eat.   Other times your saliva may contain bacteria that could cause a bad reading.

If you test your PH levels using your urine, make sure that you allow the flow to start before you test to get a good reading.  When you first start it is a good idea to test a couple of times a day, and to keep in mind that testing first thing in the morning may result in a bad reading.

I really miss drinking coffee – is there something I can substitute?

Some people find that dandelion coffee is a healthy alternative to coffee while others prefer rooibos tea that has no caffeine and can provide the same satisfaction.

Will I lose weight on an Alkaline Balanced Diet?

In general, body fat is there to protect your organs from toxicity.  Some people will find that they will lose weight on the Alkaline Diet mainly due to the system being flushed out better from drinking lemon water and alkaline foods as we rid our bodies of excess acids.

An alkaline diet can help you feel invigorated and have more energy over time. It will also be a healthier eating pattern which many find helps them lose weight.

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  • Dear Michael,

    1. Do you think drinking alkaline water would lower my stomack acidity? My doctor said my stomack acidity is too low and I shouldn’t drink alqaline water.

    2. What is the optimal pH level in saliva?

    Thank you,

    - Irina
  • i m a parkinson patient since 2003 & on medicine since 2006. i strongly believe that diet has v important role in causing parkinson, it is because of acidic diet, genes come next. one can fool the genes by taking alkaline diet & live a long healthy life.
    a well wisher of human beings

    - nita
  • my husband and I have been on the alkaline diet for two weeks .
    we are already starting to feel good
    we have both lost weight .
    The one thing I have noticed already is I have not been having any reflux of late and thats a plus for me .
    we shall continue on the deit and look forward to more health benefits .

    cheers to living longer lyo

    - LYO

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