High Alkaline Diet: Does It Really Help? Or is it a Myth?

High Alkaline DietA high alkaline diet is helpful, plain and simple.  Although there will always be those who want to debate the validity of the supporters of such claims, the truth will speak for itself. An alkaline diet is a basic hunter gather’s diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and with an emphasis on legumes and nuts. To understand more about the alkaline ash diet, you must first understand the differences involved in maintaining a healthy body that is not acidic or acid forming.

Checking your PH will show how acidic or alkaline you are.  Keeping your PH between 7.3 and 7.45 is considered to be ideal. A PH of 7 is considered neutral and anything above 7 is considered alkaline.  Anything below 7 is considered acidic.  Fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods and almost everything else is acidic including, meats, dairy, soda, sugary snacks, caffeine and processed foods.  In other words most of the American diet and lifestyle.

How to Check Your PH

The easiest way to check your PH is first thing in the morning using a PH strip.  To monitor more exact, you can measure your PH one hour before the meal or two hours after the meal. The strips are quite inexpensive and can be purchased at most pharmacies.  The PH will normally be lower in the morning and higher in the evening due to normal or abnormal eating habits.  The urine strips measure the PH between 4.0 and 9.0.

Can Disease and Cancer Live in an Alkaline State

The main reason to stay on high alkaline food diets is to be free of disease and cancer. Cancer will be destroyed in a matter of hours when the body achieves an 8.0 PH reading.  Most all cancer diets are free of meat and are mainly vegetarian diets. As meat is acidic and damaging to the body, meats and acid forming foods should be minimized.  By eating fruits and vegetables, the body maintains a healthy PH and therefore in most cases avoids disease and cancers.

Not all fruits are alkaline though.  In order to understand more, it is important to understand glycemic index foods and how food is rated.  Some fruits will fall into high glycemic ratings such as bananas and mangoes and must be limited.  Lemons are acidic but are alkaline forming on your body and therefore allowed.  You should stick to low acid fruits – See the acid alkaline food chart for more explanation on alkalizing foods to eat. For protein, the alkaline balance diet suggests legumes and nuts rather than acidifying proteins such as red meat.

High Alkaline Diet

When considering the low acid high alkaline diet compared to other health improving diets look at the basics of the diet and ask yourself if it is a diet that fits into your lifestyle and taste. Health is a main consideration for any diet and this diet is a diet without any processed and canned foods. It is a diet that will bring you back to nature and improve your chances of longevity.


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  • simply put, eliminate all your processed, chemical, artificial foods that come in a box, pkg, etc. eat foods in there natural state, with the least amount of cooking it to death, so it retains its health benefits.

    - LORI
  • and number 1, cut out the white sugar, processed sugar. this is what cancer cells live off of. they have 8 receptors for sugar alone.

    - LORI
  • very helpfull want to know more about diet plan including chicken fish tomatoes etc

    - june kiesanowski
  • I would like to answer the question, “Does it really work”. YES!!! It works like a miracle! I suffered for years with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, dizziness, ulcers, restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, irregular heart beat and more health problems than I have room to list here!
    I got my body to a healthy PH and immediately my problems began to leave one by one.It IS a miracle! Plus!I haven’t had a cold or flu in years!
    If you have health problems, get your body PH to a healthy level and take control over your health! It is a powerful feeling to know you don’t have to depend on Drs. & drugs anymore! I thank God every day for bringing me this information after a lifetime of health problems. In 6 years I have proven over and over that it works! Sue

    - Sue
  • on jan 9 i started juicing. carrots apples and parsley,, for breakfast. then some turkey for lunch, then for dinner celery,parsley,cucumbers,kale, spinach.. jan 20th.. i didnt need my glasses anymore.. i used to retain water at the bottom of my legs. due to being lazy, and poor circulation… today on the 29th that dark brown ring is much lighter.. wow im a juicer for life. my ph is 7.25. and my energy for working out is through the roof.i love my breville

    - Robert
  • leave all that food that has junk in it alone such as perservatives, artificials, hormones, antibotics, go whole foods such as organics

    - Ms. B

  • Your diet plan appears most attractive to someone who has difficulty in sticking with most other diets and I like the simplicity of being able to follow the script.

    - Doug Woodman
  • This diet just makes so much sense and it rings true. Balance is the key and it really follows the Creator’s design. Amazing! And the lemons and limes are so true!

    - Grandma Martha
  • Well I am a believer, that the Alkaline Diet works, but only if you get the right info on what is alkaline and what is acid. I looked at 3 different site on the internet, including this one and they all have discrepancies. How do these people really know what is what? EX, brown rice is Acid for one site and alkaline for 2 of the three tree sites. Also one of the site only have 2 columns alkaline and acid, while two give the degrees of acids and the degree of alkaline in different columns which I like very much. However I have been on the Alkaline diet for about 3 months now and lost 10 lbs. But my PH balance is so bad, that I am still in pain. I checked it last night and it was about 4 if not lower since the PH strips only give colors and you have to extrapolate. I cut out all animal flesh, I eat very little carbohydrates and pack up on raw vegetables (and I mean pack up) that are shown as alkaline in all three charts. When I get my ph balance back in order I will sparingly eat meat and fish again. I mean meat and fish that shows up as low in acid. (Since they all acidic)

    Even my blood sugar in between 96 and 110 for the past month. I just ordered some PH strips that have 2 tabs on each strip. Along with some Acid Drainer tablets. Don’t know how it will work I am also taking Magnesium tablets. So I am paying attention and I have seen lots of good coming from it. If it is only the weight lost, the good blood sugar and hopefully the lost of pains that I get out of it, then it will well worth my efforts.

    - swabyw
  • Alkaline Diet? First time I heard about it. Actually it looks very good. I will try it. First I need to buy PH strips. Will do that first thing in the morning. I will look around little more! 🙂



    - susanabrown

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For Rapid Results, The Next Step Is To Get Our Alkaline Food Chart

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