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Acid — That’s Eating Me Alive — Is In My Food?

More important than the caloric intake, trans fats, and synthetic ingredients is the acid foods / alkaline balance of your diet. Though the body can handle, with a normal lifestyle, the calories and fats, having too much acid producing foods in a diet produces problems that many more people face on a daily basis: Reflux (GERD) and digestive and respiratory problems.

Acid producing foods, unbalanced within a diet, are detrimental to health. Acid producing foods include meats, dairy products, carbs, and snack foods. Eating too many foods that form and produce acid raise the pH in the body, causing many adverse effects, most of which have to do with the respiratory system. Unbalanced acid diets also cause arthritis, and many other problems within the body. Grocery stores make an incredible amount of money exploiting this weakness selling reflux medications, lactose pills, and laxatives. The main problem with the body at this point, and the main thing these medicines fix, is the pH level in the body. All these problems can be fixed with better attention to the acid/alkaline balance of the diet. Raw vegetables and fruits in general are low acid, or alkaline, and are the main balance to this.

Specifically, some foods which are acid rich are butter, milk, cheese (especially Swiss cheese), yogurt, chicken, pork, burgers, tuna, and catfish. Alkaline foods to counter these (perhaps to be eaten in the same meal) include parsley, chard, baked potatoes, apples, grapes, and bananas. Potassium is the main nutrient to focus on to maintain the balance in the acid/alkaline diet, as it helps the body to metabolize the more acid rich foods.

Left unmonitored, acidic foods literally corrode the body and do not allow the digestive system to properly break down the foods into materials the body can use, namely sugars. The body’s pH must remain as neutral as possible to allow for the best digestive process.

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