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Acidic Foods

Learn to eat the right balance of acidic and alkaline foods to improve your health.


Eating to many acidic foods can interrupt the balance of PH levels in your body. This can lead to health problems and increase the risk for disease. Symptoms of an acidic body may include headaches, low immune symptom, extreme fatigue, brain fog, difficulty in losing weight, constipation and aches or pains. You may also age faster when you’re acidic.


A correct balance of acidic and alkaline foods is needed in order to maintain good health. Measurements lower than 7 on a PH or power of hydrogen chart is acidic. You can also tell if you’re acidic by the way you feel after you eat certain foods. PH levels have to do with the body’s fluids and tissues. It doesn’t have anything to do with stomach acid. You can use PH test strips an hour or two after you eat to see if you’re acidic.


There are a variety of supplements that can be used to help your body stay alkalized. Tap water is usually acidic and PH drops can raise the PH of the water. High acidic foods can deplete important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. All natural mineral salts can help maintain these nutrients and raise alkalinity. The spray mineral salts can neutralize the acids of acidic foods or give your body the minerals it needs before you eat them.

Types of Foods

Some types of high acidic foods to avoid are citrus fruits, dairy products, sugars, white breads and pasta. Some types of foods that make your body alkaline are vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus and artichokes. Fruit may include papaya, mangos and avocados. Other food choices are f fish and poultry such as tuna, salmon and free-range chicken or turkey.

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