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Acidic Fruits

Acidic Fruits Offer More Nutrition Than Just Vitamin C

Discover the nutrient dense, low-calorie acidic fruits for better health.

There are many different types of fruits and they can easily be classified into three major groups which include the citrus or acidic fruits, semi acidic and alkaline fruits. The list of acidic fruits includes: grapefruits, oranges, sour plums, pineapples, tomatoes, lemons and sour apples. These acidic fruits are all excellent for detoxifying the body and have been used effectively for losing weight for centuries.

Citrus or acidic fruits have gained popularity as an important part of a healthy and nutritious diet. It has become clear that acidic fruits are more than just good tasting; they are good for you as well. Acidic fruits provide a source high in vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber which are essential for proper nutrition and development.

Most people know that acidic fruits are high in vitamin C; however, they also contain a long list of other essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, folate, niacin, vitamin B6 and many more. Also, citrus fruits have no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories making them an ideal choice for any weight loss program. For example, one medium orange has approximately 80 calories and a grapefruit contains about 90 calories. This makes the health benefits provided by acidic fruits a powerhouse of nutrients with very few calories.

Research suggests that acidic fruits may help reduce the risk, or stop the progression, of several serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, neural tube defects, anemia and cataracts.

Research continues to be studied regarding the ability of vitamin C to help with bone mineral density as well as kidney stones, asthma and cognitive function.

The health benefits offered by acidic fruits is certainly very clear and the importance of a diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables is the foundation of a healthy and nutritious diet.

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