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Alkaline Forming Foods

Balance your body’s pH and acid buffer with alkaline forming foods.

Incorporating alkaline forming foods is extremely important for balancing the body’s pH and replenishing the natural alkaline buffer, which eliminates acid, ash and toxins produced by the body. A diet of approximately 80% alkaline producing food is necessary to rebuild the body’s capacity to neutralize acidic substances and ash. Identifying foods that lead to unusually high acid levels is the most important step to balance the body’s pH.

Acidic Substances To Avoid
Acid forming compounds are found in a large number of common food items that most people consume on a regular basis. With a grain-based diet, a large portion of the total calories coming from wheat and acid producing cereal grains that can throw the body off balance when consumed in disproportionate quantities. Vinegar, pickled foods and vinegar-cured items are extremely important to eliminate along with red meat, pork, salmon, fatty fishes, shellfish crustaceans, aged cheeses, which are very acidic. Meat, pasteurized dairy products, sugar, soft drinks, baked goods and the mainstays of a traditional diet are among a long list of important food items to eliminate.

The Acidic Food Taste Test
Because different people handle foods differently, it’s important to become familiar with your body’s individual tolerance toward certain foods. If a food item doesn’t agree with your digestive systems, it’s time to eliminate it for an alkaline alternative. A sour or tart taste is a good indication of high acid content. To a degree, all fruits and berries are acidic foods. In particular, citrus fruits contain high levels of acid that can affect the body when consumed regularly or in large amounts.

Identifying the Best Alkaline Foods
Alkaline forming foods are essential for balancing the body’s pH. While shopping, a chart of acidic foods is as important as a list of healthy alkaline alternatives. As a general rule, meats, fruits, grains and cheeses are classified as acid forming foods. Bananas, buckwheat, cottage cheese, and raw milk or acidophilus milk are exceptions to these rules. Tubers, colorful vegetables and leafy salad greens all contain boast high alkaline content. Follow this acid alkaline food list to find out all the ratings for alkaline and acid foods.

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