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Alkaline Producing Foods

Discover the top alkaline producing foods which can detoxify your body and significantly increase your energy.

What is all this pH stuff?

First, it’s important to explain what pH means because it’s commonly referred to when discussing alkalinity and acidity. Alkaline producing foods are those that leave the pH level of the blood above 7.0. The pH scale works differently than you might think. Often, people think of a numerical scale such as one to ten. However, the pH scale doesn’t work that way. Instead, it’s a range between 1 and 14. Neither lower nor higher is better. Indeed, a level of 1 or 14 would be fatal. Neutral is right in the middle at 7.0. Below 7.0 is acidic. Above 7.0 is alkaline. And that’s where most of the safest levels should be. In humans, the optimal range for blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45.

Why is it important?

When the blood falls below the optimal range and even becomes acidic, then the body becomes a breeding ground for diseases and tissue damage. Attempting to compensate, the body will attempt to use alkaline minerals. If there are not enough, acid builds up in the cells. When that happens, the body becomes less capable of absorbing nutrients. Cells produce less energy and repair themselves slower. It’s also the optimal environment for cancer-causing tumor cells to thrive.

How does food change the body’s pH level?

Most of the American diet is based on acidic food which significantly lowers the pH levels of the blood. Common foods that produce acidity are meat, eggs, cheese, and other dairy products. Other highly processed acidic foods are white flour and sugar. Consider the average meal at a fast food chain. The burger is made of a meat patty, cheese, and a white flour bun. It’s usually served with a soft drink (sugar). Now, it’s easy to see why the most acid causing foods are woven in to American’s everyday lives.

The way to change your body’s pH level is to eat more alkaline foods. In the beginning, it’s important to keep around 80% of the diet alkaline. Once your body has regained a healthy pH level, then 60% alkaline is fine for maintaining the level. An acid alkaline food chart will point you in the right direction for which foods are best to eat.

In general, alkaline producing foods are fruits, green vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, natural herbs, spices, seasonings, seeds, and nuts. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Canned fruits and vegetables won’t cut it. Neither will navy or pinto beans. For beverages, stick to herbal tea with fresh lemon. Lemon is one of the strongest alkaline foods. If you have to have a sweetener, try the natural sweetener called stevia which is available at most health food shops.

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