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High Alkaline Foods

Find out why high alkaline foods are healthier than acidic foods

High alkaline foods are emerging as an essential element to a healthy diet. This is because eating food that is too acidic creates a type of acid ash in your body that many believe causes weight gain, allergies, and lack of energy. Also, when your body tries to maintain ph balance by neutralizing the high levels of acid that is in your blood, it leeches calcium from your bones. This could lead to fractures in the future.

Here is another reason that an acidic diet is not healthy. Microforms, such as yeast, bacteria, and fungi are more likely to be producing acidic toxins in your body if your ph levels are higher from eating acidic foods. These microforms all thrive in an environment such as the one inside the bloodstream of an acidic body. Eating foods that are acidic lets these microforms live and make the body even more acidic, leading to a whole host of other medical conditions.

Hence, it is better to eat more foods that are part of a high alkaline diet. One should try to eat alkaline rich foods and acidic foods on a ratio of 80/20 percent. While it is hard and not yet possible to create a chart forming a definite hierarchy of which foods are acidic and which are not, a general guideline is available to people. It has a list of various foods categorized as alkaline, slightly acidic, and very acidic. The types of foods found in these three categories can often overlap. This acidic alkaline food list will show you what foods to eat.

Many grain products are understood to be moderate, and sometimes very high, in its acidity level. Many vegetables are understood to be alkaline, while some are also understood to be moderately acidic. Red meat, sweets, and alcohol are examples of foods that are very acidic. To stay healthy and live a long life, one must eat high alkaline foods.

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