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– How 75 million people are secretly sabotaging their health (are you one of them?)

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  • I have downloaded 3 other charts tonight, the others were hard to follow. This one makes sense and has all the foods listed. Thanks!

    - John Parnell
  • I printed the chart out, it looks great

    - Laurie
  • I don’t believe it’s normal to feel sick and tired and just call it “aging”. Doctors seem to be into covering up symptoms not fixing the causes. I’ve been trying an alkaline diet lately and feeling much better. Not feeling tired so often is one thing I noticed early on.

    - M Arnold
  • Why are there discrepancies between different food charts?

    - Willy Brunson
  • Most discrepancies come from the pH level being measured incorrectly. For alkalizing the body, we need to focus on the “alkaline ash” of the food. Which means what the pH is AFTER digestion. For example, a lemon is very acidic, but when digested, it is actually alkalizing. I hope this clears things up for you Willy.

    - admin
  • I want to try this diet to be healthier

    - milene
  • Love to know more about alkaline food

    - Chakira
  • sounds great to do!! thanks for sharing.

    - terri aaen
  • Cant wait to see the list

    - Andy
  • thank you

    - angie
  • Looking forward to receiving the Alkaline food List.

    - B Douglas
  • Thanks

  • Thanks so much!

    - chet
  • Thank you.

    - Stan
  • Have been getting very sick fo the last few years;
    Now I am suffering from a stomache virus;
    B/P dropping, could not eat, nor drink, dehyrated;
    some one said ,I need to ck out alkiline food last;


    - Sandra Heidlauf
  • information is very helpful

    - Sherrice
  • Thanks

    - Mike Ford
  • Thank you

    - Kim
  • thank you

    - amanda mosser
  • Thanks so much!

    - Lisa Campbell
  • thanks

    - tina
  • Thanks, I really NEED this list, with a pH of only 5!!!!

    - Jo Ann
  • exellent advice

    - Kieran laverty
  • I’m miserable I’ll try anything….I hope this works……Thanks S. Meeker

    - Sue
  • thank you for the clarity

    - wade stoddard
  • Thanks!!! Looking Forward to the Info 🙂

    - Cathy Canterbuty
  • this is very interesting

    - sari kulla
  • list is a big help

    - alexander
  • Thank you for making the information easily available. I look forward to receiving it.

    - Ana
  • Very good information

    - Judy
  • looking forward to see the list

    - carol
  • Looking foward to see it.

    - Juan Perez
  • good resource

    - Juan Perez
  • Thank you for the free guide

    - michelle preston
  • very good reference table

    - Rose
  • Very useful, thanks! 😀

    - manolo
  • I want to keep my body alkalized to help beat cancer

    - victoria burda
  • Thank you for the list, it is very helpful.

    - Joe
  • I’ve been suffering with very severe acid reflux the past few years. Here’s hoping this helps my body to heal

    - Jane
  • interested in alkaline foods benefits

    - Vanessa Williams
  • seeking for good healthy life. thanks

    - vijai
  • looking forward to seeing if this will solve my problems.
    Was told yesterday by the Dr that I have a chemical imbalance (Depression) understandable as I had a baby, then lost my father, work is hectic… life is hectic, have to get rid of my horses… much easier being a child! Had my thyroid checked, all clear… dammit was hoping that was my problem! Will give it a go, hope I can get back on track!

    - rozlyn bedford
  • Very useful information. we must help our dear ones by spreading the information…this is also an act of kindness

    - maztek
  • high cholesterol, low vitamin D, amenia, hypo thyoid. I am only 46 and I need to get healthy!

    - Jane S
  • thank you. it is wonderful information

    - [email protected]
  • thank you so much!

    - vicky
  • Great work keep it up it really helps..

    - kathy
  • Thanks for the efforts to spread this fantastic information.

    - darius
  • Thank you for all of your good work!

    - Dr. Mullen
  • very good information

    - bharti
  • ThankS for all of your good work

    - dr.eman metwally
  • This is simply brilliant.
    Thank you.

    - Manly Nash
  • It is sound interesting and Im interested to try

    - sesilia.tuuhetoka
  • I have acid reflux and I want my body to return to its healthy state.

    - Cynthia Carey
  • I just want to say that I’m already in the alkaline diet, and let me tell you it absolutely the healthiest way to eat. I once had indigestion problems and now its gone..I feel great and look better. Thanks

    - Janet
  • I have cancer and I want to get my body alkaline to help cure myself

    - Jack Jones
  • I have acid reflux also and it seems to deminish when I use apple cider vinagar. I’d like to eliminate it and solve mu bad breath problem.

  • Need to alkalize my body. Feel so up and down and lack of energy!

    - Mariko
  • Just in 3 weeks have dropped 17 lbs and more energy than a 4 yr old. i am 59 yrs young soon to turn 60 ALKALINE FOR LIFE

  • I need to deminish my acid reflux symptoms and get on with living a healthly life,

    - Lori
  • The only way to live!

    - Stan
  • Hope this helps me to reduce my weight.

    - suaran
  • i started dringking alkaline water because i have chronic kidney desease and i’m felt tired every single day. then when i started dringking alkaline i felt much better.

    - sylvia
  • I am sure your food list is the best way for help us if we want be helthy.Thank you for your love for people.

    - Mariana
  • I have acid reflux, need to alkalize my system and move on with a healthy live

    - Aurora
  • I am very acidic on medications and have Beretts Esophogus because of the excess acidic lifestyle. Need to make changes in my diet but need to know which foods I need to stay away from.

    - Joan Page
  • I have cancer of the esophagus that has metastasized to my liver. I have been informed by several friends to get on alkaline diet.

    - dan bertoch
  • dear sir

    i have problem of hyper acidity and iam facing this problem from so many years . please kindly suggest me proper solution for this.

    Thanking you and regards.


    - Narendra Sonawane
  • high acidity story of my life

    - bob basra
  • my body needs a complete overhaul

    - Catherine
  • I have an overly acidic diet and have been told to eat more alkaline foods. Please send the list. Thanks in advance

    - Charles W. Williams
  • I am battling acid reflux, so I’d like to see what foods to eat.

    - Meg
  • I have recommended it to several people even one with stage 3 pancreatic answer…their response…well I don’t think its going to help as the doctor said I am at stage 3 and there is no hope. In some ways I hate Western Medicine for brainwashing them into believing that THEY are the ONLY way. Its very sad that someone 35 years old has given up and won’t try the alkaline diet due to some prognosis given by a person who is licensed to distribute high acid forming medications. Of course they don’t know anything about the alkaline diet, it is entirely against their whole 12+ year medical education and what they know and disseminate to the public. It would put drug companies out of business and may bring some up on criminal charges…of course they don’t know about it. They might have to give up their multi-million dollar homes, Mercedes, etc., if they practiced health instead of this warped form of “medicine” that causes your body to be in dangerously acidic PH levels – that eventually kill the person. Of course, they will have a “doe in the headlights” look and tell you that your friends are crazy for telling you that eating certain foods that are high alkaline will help to maintain your health or even get rid of your tumors. Of course, they will do all these things because they are either naive or they are very evil. Personally between naive and evil, its not much of a choice…I’m going with the Alkaline diet because it makes simple scientific sense. Why over complicate your life when its so easy to eat alkaline foods and see almost immediate results?

    - Otto Dianda
  • Very good and useful information on the value of maintaining body acid – alkaline balance.

    - anwar a. malik
  • Healthy and Happy!

    - Michelle turner
  • Will start shopping today love the info

    - Phyllis
  • I would like to alkalize my system to conceive a baby boy naturally.

    - Anita
  • Thank you for the Alkaline freeDiet i appreciate it very much and i am going to put it to the test and see how i feel…then i will let every one know about Alkaline diet and how it works…

    - Roslyn
  • Looking forward to starting the alkaline diet.

    - leonarda
  • This is a tremendous resource. Thank you for offering it.

    - Karen
  • Need this list as a general guideline for a heathier way of life.

    - Lorraine Purpura
  • I have a “Gastric Stomach” with some already abnormal cells. What food should I eat and
    what foods should I sty away from to keep this Gastris stay in tack?

    - Marge
  • i have a tarlov cyst and i need to reduce the alkaline in my body

    - karen
  • My husband has cancer and I hear that an alkaline diet will help.

    - Alicia Shreve
  • I havent felt good for ages i want to give it a try.

    - karen
  • i have acid reflux and after i eat i lose my meal with in a hour.i sure hope this can help.

    - marcella
  • have diabetes and would lke to lose weight

    - Virgil Earle
  • I really believe in this and want to be the best I can be

    - Lyn Nielson
  • My brother-in-law has gout and I need the food chart so I can help him.

    - Ann
  • hi, diabetic,overwieght and tired are not the
    way i need to be! i hope this approach is the answer,thanks.

    - liz cook
  • I have acid reflux and pain through out my boby after reading the other comments I’m lookin forward to feeling better. Thank to all for your positive comments. Feel good to all.

    - LOUISE
  • In March of 2010 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, changing my diet has helped me tremendously.

    - Amanda
  • For the past fifteen and more years, with extreme patience, I have cared for my wife who died recently of Type A Alzheimers disease, an unusual variety starting much earlier in life. In my constant attention to her I lost track of my own needs and health-vitamins,nutrients, and food we all need. In my loneness I now realize my need to restart my own health. Acidity is one of my problems and I need to know the means to reduce it. Your info will help considerally. I’m 78 years old.

    - gene kirchner
  • I have had cancer- surgicaly removed, now I ave been diagnosed with vasculitis and have high acid stomach content. Reading indicate my eating and life style has affected me. Change to my diet and exercise will lead to much improvement.


    - Joseph Addy
  • I’m having acidic craving and want to know which foods are alkaline to compensate.

    - Francisco
  • nice chart

    - abumemans
  • Looking forward to starting the alkaline diet.

    - Laszlo
  • My mom was diagnoised with bladder cancer and I heard that she needs to have a more alkaline diet.

    - Angie
  • I know some people that lost weight with this diet. Also, they rarely get any illness.

    - Jose
  • Health issues involved. Am anxious to learn what the alkaline acid diet includes. Thank you for sending.

    - Nancy Bellitte
  • I was told to give this a try…..

    - Natalia Vilches
  • i am looking forward to this diet.

    - sandra
  • Just diagnosed with acid reflect
    and I will nedd the list of foods for myself and make a copy for my children so they will know what foods to have in their house

    - nancy glass
  • I have done a lot of reading concerning proper ph balance in body and what effects it has on being healthy. Alkaline diet is the answer to good health.

    - Deborah Rigsby
  • I need help with my high blood pressure.

    - chester early
  • A friend of mine suggested this diet. He said it eliminated his problems with gout.

    - Ann
  • I look forward to reading your alkaline diet guidelines.

    - charlotte callahan
  • My husband has been diagnosed with gastric cancer, and I hope alkaline foods would help him.

    - Barbara
  • I’m so motivaited to see this Alkaline food list..

    - ibrahim hamied
  • My Mom has had radical stomach cancer surgery five years ago. She is now 94 and seems to be having problems again. She gets very bloated, has diarrhea often and recently spontaneously vomited her dinner. She lives in a Adult Family Home so I cannot control what she’s eating. Am trying to find a diet low in acid, as this seems to be a main culprit.

    - Roberta Sayers
  • I need something for a bad case of acid reflux.

    - Ethellinwood

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To receive your FREE alkaline food chart, enter your email and it will be in your inbox instantly. We'll also explain how it all works for rapid results.

What is your biggest priority?

More Energy
Health Condition
General Well-being
Aches & Pain

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