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Vibrant Health Starts With Correct Acid-Alkaline Balance

How Alkaline Foods Can
Make You Feel Incredible
in Just 3 Days…

The Blueprint for Vibrant Health & Energy…

No matter how you got there, or how deep you’re in it, eating the right kind of food is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and your health.

With alkaline foods you will be able to make wise food choices that not only supply your body with the nutrients it needs, but also allow you to restore and maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

How To Revitalize Your Body

Since your diet dramatically affects acid-alkaline balance either positively or negatively, you might ask yourself how you can change any unhealthy eating habits in a safe practical manner – without having to make drastic changes.

This site was created precisely to answer that question.

Inside you’ll find listings of hundreds of our most commonly eaten foods and be able to quickly determine how they will affect your body’s pH levels once that are consumed and digested. And once you know the effects that these foods will have on your body, you will be able to quickly and effectively create healthy meal plans using the foods you already enjoy.

Our Acid-Alkaline Balance is a baseline determinant of our Health

Your energy will increase, you’ll find new mental clarity, you’ll build strength and stamina, and you’ll lose excess body fat while increasing muscle mass. You’ll have bright eyes and clear skin. You’ll look better. You’ll improve athletic performance. Your entire body will function more efficiently. Whatever health challenges you’ve been facing will improve and most likely evaporate altogether. In short, you’ll regain all that effortless energy and wellness you though was lost with your childhood.

Inside our site you’ll learn…

* How To Test if you body pH is out of balance.

* Which alkaline foods will help you obtain the best results and which acidic ones to avoid.

* How alkaline foods can fight off sickness, disease, even cancer.

* Should you avoid wheat & beef products? What about chicken or alcohol?

* How long acidic problems take to correct themselves and what results you will see & feel?

* How alkaline foods help digestive problems such as acid reflux & gerd.

* What symptoms to look for to know if you need to include more alkaline foods in your diet.

And that’s just a tiny sample!

Download the Acid-Alkaline Diet Food Chart now and get access to our site. Just enter your email on the right to get started.

Inside our site you will also get access to:

alkaline foods chart alkaline recipes
BONUS #1: Download Our Alkaline Foods Chart That Lists The Most Effective Alkaline Foods and The Acidic Ones To Avoid BONUS #4: Get Access To Our Exclusive Online Alkaline Recipe Database.


healthy alkaline body Food Combining Chart
SECRET #3: Discover The Quick & Simple Alkaline System That Can Have You Buzzing With Health In Just Days BONUS #6: Download Our Food Combining Chart To Solve Any Digestion Issues Fast


For Rapid Results, The Next Step Is To Get Our Complete Alkaline Food Chart

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  • I would like to start a alkaline diet,because of my arthritis

    - margaret
  • Please send me more tip about healthy life style

    - Edgar Alpon
  • I am looking forward to feeling well it has been years.


    - Carol Sakamoto
  • I have celiac disease. Will this help attain
    a healthy body and mind?

    - Al Haskell
  • Interested in learing more

    - Q. Hatten
  • I am tired most of the time and have arthritis. Tired of people offering their quick fix schemes on me and using better health strategies like alkaline diets to do it.

    - LaVerne Townsend
  • I’m very happy to have contact with this site, I hope I can lose the weight b4 my wedding date. 🙂

    - Jacqueline Thomas
  • would like to start a alkaline diet,because of my arthritis and back pain

    - walid
  • I want a list of acid alakline foods to eat bcauce I have psoriasis.

    - Nancy
  • Where does pineapple stand in the acidic or alkaline side?

    - Chela
    • @Chela pineapple is moderately acidic

      - admin
  • I appreciate all the information you have provided. I am feeling better every day with renewed vigor and strength. Eating more alkaline foods. Thank you very much

    - Mack Curley
  • I want to live a healthy life. I have acid reflux.

    - Gail
  • I’m a colon hydrotherapist, what do u think about a 16 day cleanse with food grade hydrogen perioxide drops and distilled water. you take 3 drops of perioxide to 5 ounces of distilled water 3 times the first day. Then you move it to 4 drops 3 times the next day. then everyday after you keep adding an extra drop to the water 3 times a day. to fight off virues or help kill them off. Please give me your thoughts on this. Thank you

    - wendy meggs
  • alkalines really help!!!!

    - chuck Mccartney
  • I just need a food list. Is there one? I would like to have one on my fridge and one to take shopping….


    - Christa
  • I have terrible back pain as I have Osteoporosis Curviture of the Spine.Sensative to Wheat and Gluton I do have food allergies but have greatly improved since going to an excellent Nature Path I am going to start Taking Alkalized water with the advice of my Nature Path and have to find if it would agree with me.My medicle Dr Drinks Alkaline water hope if I can drink it without too many side effects I will become more healthy what do you suggest for my pain I will not take pain killers I get a lot of suplments from the health stores in my Town.I have a thiroid problem not too bad though I take medication for it and have had Hypoglycemia but it seems to be in remission as do not have to much problem with it anymore.I have low blood sugar but that has improved a lot also.I am interested in a good diet to follow which will help me with my problems.
    Pam Davis.

    - Pamela Mary Davis
  • Hey can the Alkaline diet help me balance my hormones and get rid of gynecomastia which is caused by hormone inbalance?

    - Alex
  • asked you before – very interested in your
    diet. I have read that lemon is really alkaline, or part of the lemon. Don’t know what to believe.

    - Carol Bright
  • I would like to try an alkaline diet to help with my arthritis and fibroids

    - Lea
  • I suffer from chronic lower back pain. I am looking forward to trying this diet.

    - Max Dowdell
  • I look forward to trying this alkaline diet, I hope it will help my arthritis and help to boost my low energy level.

    - Lindsey Dodman

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More Energy
Health Condition
General Well-being
Aches & Pain

We respect your privacy and HATE SPAM as much as you do. So, we promise to never sell or distribute your e-mail address to anyone.