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Alkaline Ash Foods Made Easy

Which Foods Are Highly Alkaline

Alkaline Ash FoodsYou may already be taking steps to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If you’re still feeling run down and burned out you may be relieved to learn that alkaline ash foods can cause a dramatic change in your overall well-being.

Find the Acid Alkaline Balance

Following an alkaline ash diet means choosing foods and drinks that have an alkalizing affect on the body. At least 70% of what we consume should be based on choices that leave an alkaline residue and mineral content in our systems. An imbalance in the pH level can cause essential minerals to be lost and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria, and yeasts.

Alkaline ash food, on the other hand, are rich in sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. A balanced pH level also promotes a healthy small intestinal tract lining that can easily absorb these minerals and nutrients. The rest of our body’s systems can then receive these promptly via healthy cells transporting them where they need to go. Healthy, strong cells can combat viruses, bacteria, and toxins that an otherwise overly acidic environment would leave behind.

The Affects of Ash Residues

Most of the body’s internal systems operate in a slightly alkaline environment. As the foods you consume are broken down by your digestive tract they leave behind a residue known as ash. The ash can alter the body’s acidity or alkalinity. The chemical composition of the ash can be either acidic, alkaline, or neutral. This should not be confused with the immediate acidity of certain foods. For example, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits are citric acids in content. When they are ingested and metabolized the effect is to alkalize the body so they can be classified as alkaline forming.

Super Alkalizing Choices

The majority of fresh fruits and vegetables are mostly alkaline in nature when consumed. There are five super alkaline ones that can be strictly classified as such. These are tomatoes, limes, avocados, and grapefruits. Soy also has a very alkaline forming response when ingested. Some options are making soy nuts, soy lecithin, and fresh soy beans part of your regular diet. White navy beans, beets, and radishes are also highly alkalizing. A few more vegetables that are easy to prepare are jicama, cucumbers, and kale. There are also several grasses that can be juiced or taken in powder form such as wheat grass, barley, and alfalfa.

Minimize Acidic Ash

The western diet contains large portions of meat eaten on a daily basis. Meat though should be limited as it produces acidic ash residue. If you stick to foods that are highly alkaline and reduce the amount of high protein, acid ash producing ones you can transform your body internally and externally to reach optimum health. From an early age during our school years the common food pyramid guide is instilled into our minds and hearts. If you take a close look at the advice this guide provides you will see that it promotes about 75% of our diet consisting of alkaline ash forming foods. You will find that putting forth the effort to make adjustments in how you have been trained to view food will greatly benefit you in your approach to a healthier physique. Switch the ratios around to consuming more foods from an alkaline ash foods list like fruit and vegetables and see overall improvements in your physical as well as mental health.

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  • the article talks about reducing the protein ingetion, is this animal protein only, or any kind of proteins, becouse soy contains the best proteins.It says to eat soy.

    - jose noel mata
  • You should reduce animal protein due to acid forming nature. Soy is fine in moderation.

    - admin
  • I find that the alkaline-acidic food list from source to source varys greatly! It is very confusing to know what to eat! Just for one example, your list says apples are alkalizing where another shows apples as highly acidic. Please help!

    - dawn harvie
  • The reason you will often see discrepancies between alkaline charts is that you need to look for the resulting alkaline ash ph value after the food is digested. For example – lemons are very acidic but are actually alkalizing after digestion. I hope that clears things up for you.

    - admin
  • fantastic article. really cleared up a lot for me in a very succinct way. thanx

    - vu
  • This is Great! forwarding to all my medical friends who DEBATE me all the time!

    - Amari
  • This is GREAT information ,and is the first major step to get America fit,because right now Americans are in BAD shape.

    - LaRome
  • This information is very interesting and also very helpful. I have never been able to find any information like you have. Thank you very much, I am sure this will be a big help in my digestion area. DB.

    - Doris Buehler
  • your comments on citrus friuts have cleared up my questions. Thank you.

    - Carol Bright
  • Hi I have read that mayonnaise is acidic, if I use an acidic dressing on a fresh alkaline salad does that make the whole salad acidic? Or if the salad content is higher than dressing, like in a tossed salad,would that still create a higher alkaline ash residue and be beneficial?

    - Julie Hall

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