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The Best Alkaline Forming Foods

Best Alkaline Forming FoodsThere are many types of alkaline forming foods and some that are considered the best foods to consume. There is a great misconception that all fruits and vegetables are alkaline.  Some of the foods are higher in sugars and higher on the glycemic food charts. A glycemic food chart is a way to measure the effects of carbohydrates on the blood sugar level. Lemons are acidic, but act as alkaline forming food on the body.

The body needs to be in balance, not just eating 100% alkaline foods. For a healthy body you will need to eat 60% alkaline and 40% acidic foods. For a body in need of repair, eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic as would be the case for cancer and other life threatening diseases.

There are three different types of alkaline foods: high alkaline, alkaline and low alkaline. The high alkaline is the food with the least sugar and the lowest glycemic level.  Although all three are alkaline, the low alkaline is borderline on being acidic and should be limited. According to most alkaline charts, the following are some of the best alkaline forming foods:


High alkaline: Vegetable juices, parsley, raw spinach, broccoli, celery, garlic and barley grass.

Alkaline: Green beans, lima beans, carrots, beets, lettuce and zucchini.


High alkaline: Dried Figs and raisins

Alkaline: Dates, black currant, grapes, papaya, kiwi, berries, apples and pears.

Nuts and Seeds:

Alkaline: Hazelnuts and almonds.


High alkaline: Herb teas and lemonade (sweetened with stevia).

Alkaline: Green tea.

The high alkaline and alkaline forming food groups are the best alkaline forming foods to follow. Limiting the low alkaline foods will improve your PH and keep your body in balance. As stated above a healthy body can handle up to 40% acidic food. The normal person will consume 2000 calories a day, so that means 800 calories can be acidic forming foods.

Protein can be obtained from organic eggs, nuts, avocados and fish, keeping away from red meat, colas, sugary desserts and saturated fats. In order to follow a proper alkaline diet, the meals need to be charted and planned and then after a few weeks you will start to see how much food is allowed daily on this new program. The best alkaline forming foods are the ones with the lowest glycemic index and the ones that follow food combing principles.

Food combining principles include the basics for good digestion and no fermentation of food such as not eating protein with starches. Not eating sweet fruits with sour fruits and not eating carbohydrates with meats. The foods that help the PH balance best will be the ones that will not leave you bloated after eating. A good rule of thumb is: if you want to sleep after eating, you ate the wrong combinations of foods.

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  • This will be my food bible. Last night I listened to a doctor on Coast 2 Coast radio talking about a alkaline rich diet for complete health.

    Being a breast cancer survivor I wish I had known this years ago, but better now then never. As the medical community will never tell you this vital, life saving information.

    - Susan Uribe
  • i am glad i found your website, it is very informative and helpful specially for an individual like me who suffers uterine myoma, i’ve been looking for the right information with regards to food rich in alkaline, now that i found your website i already have an idea on how to prepare my food to avoid feeding this tumor inside of me. thank you so much.

    - fynky

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