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Alkaline Forming Foods for Renewed Health & Vigor

Alkaline Forming Foods For Renewed Health & VigorLosing weight is one of the most popular goals people have but probably one of the most difficult to achieve. Many become frustrated with the poor results they see after being on strict diet fads that seem to get them nowhere. It’s also irritating when diet techniques initially worked well but the weight returned within a few months time.

Acid and alkaline forming foods have the opposite affect and can be effective to renew your health and vitality.

The typical western diet is based on large amounts of meat, dairy, sugars, alcohol, saturated fats, and caffeine. This has created a hostile acidic environment in the bodies of millions of people.

This chronic state of metabolic acidosis has to be cleaned out and brought back into the proper alkaline/acid balance before successful weight loss can take place. Here are a few ways that you can add to a healthy exercise routine while at the same time establishing a healthier way of living for life:

Be Self Aware!

Begin by becoming thoroughly aware of what goes in your body and how what you eat and drink affect your energy levels and wellness as a whole. You must examine what you put into your system, what happens to it after you’ve eaten, how it affects your body’s functions, and how different food combinations can either be beneficial ones are ones that are difficult to digest. Recipes that are centered on the concept of the alkaline diet are easy ways to take the guesswork out of the proper food ratios, proportions, and combinations.


One of the best ways to kick off and accelerate your alkaline diet weight loss plan is to consistently drink plenty of fluids. Water plays a most vital role in all cellular bodily functions including digestion and elimination. So becoming dehydrated can adversely affect how efficiently your cells work. It’s nature’s way of suppressing appetite and is necessary to metabolize fat properly.

Oftentimes your body cues you in to needing hydration by a dry mouth and lips. Many mistakenly counteract this feeling by reaching for food to salivate and moisten their mouths. In reality this sensation is one of thirst and this can explain why some tend to overeat.

Eliminate Toxic Substances!

Cut out foods that contain preservatives, artificial food colorings, and additives. Our bodies weren’t designed to digest these chemicals so recognize that they do more harm than good. Get rid of artificial sweeteners. One of the first things people do to lose weight is cut calories by turning to artificial sweeteners. This step is a mistake and a setback to a healthier you.

Take a look at aspartame in particular. It contains methanol which the body converts to formaldehyde and stores in fat cells around the thighs and hips. Instead try one of the best sugar alternatives: Stevia. It’s an alkaline forming substance that comes from the leaf of an herb with almost no calories. It is significantly sweeter than cane sugar and is available in both unrefined and refined forms.

As you learn about the importance of proper acid alkaline forming food balance you will acquire healthy eating habits and improve your metabolism. Eating foods rich in alkaline content can help you eliminate fat, toxins, and acid from your body. Familiarizing yourself with what causes the body to become off balanced can motivate you to reach your goals of healthy weight loss and improve other body functions as well.

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