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Alkaline Diet Recipes

Evidence and research continues to come in concerning the benefits of eating alkaline diet recipes.

Alkaline diet recipes naturally calibrate the pH level of the body so that it can operate at optimal efficiency. The thrust behind the idea lies in the execution of consuming copious vegetables and fruits in place of oils and meats. Here are some tasty alkaline recipes that are both nutritious and simple.

Pumpkin bread that is gluten-free is a staple in many alkaline diets. To prepare this type of bread, first get a small pumpkin and bake it until it is completely soft. After the pumpkin is cooled, peel off the skin and combine it with about 300 g of flower that is gluten-free. Mix this with 2 teaspoons of baking powder and an additional teaspoon of herbs of your choice. Knead the dough into small cakes and bake the mixture for 30 minutes at 425 degress F.

One alkaline recipe that also serves as a liver cleanser is one that involves grapefruits. Squeeze the contents of two large grapefruits with four lemons into a container. Add garlic, water and ginger juice along with one tablespoon of acidophilus and two tablespoons of UDO’s Choice. This can be mixed into a tasty and refreshing drink and serves as a great post-workout concoction.

Miso soup is highly alkalizing by itself. Recipes that include miso soup tend to be low-fat, nutritious and healthy. On a cold day you can simply take 2 teaspoons of miso soup and add it to boiling water. Add a pinch of salt and you’ve got yourself a great broth.

Green salad is next on our list of top five simple alkaline recipes. Taking just a few salad leaves and some chopped cabbage, add a small amount of diced onions and large tomatoes. Mix all of these vegetables in a bowl and add a splash of vinegar to taste as well as some tofu, and boiled chicken. Sprinkle some oregano on top of this salad and not only will you have a filling meal but one that fights off cancer, keeps your energy levels high and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

These alkaline diet recipes should only serve as the beginning in a virtually unlimited list of great-tasting meals and snacks to choose from. Add more ingredients by following an acid & alkaline food chart.

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