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Alkaline Recipe

Read why the alkaline recipe is the ticket to healthy living.

The alkaline recipe is a surefire plan to control body blood pH with foods that promote alkalinity and crack down on acidity. Many books have been written to help the overly acidic, the overweight, and those who are recovering from disease and addiction. Cancer cells form and thrive in a high-acid environment. Metabolic wastes that are flushed from cells need to be flushed entirely out of the body. Consumption of acid-forming substances retards this process and does not allow the body to do what it naturally wants to — alkalinize.

Alkalinity And Variety Shouldn’t Be Strangers

The variety of food recipes for life-long alkalinity is broad, however, and does not skimp on variety or flavor. Alkaline recipes are not limited to being breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items, and do not consist of only mundane salads. These recipes are intended to bolster a thorough lifestyle change and promote general well-being. As a rule, foods need to be fresh and fruit and vegetable based. The majority of foods the average citizen imbibes, like sodium-rich packaged microwave meals, deep fried fast foods and snack food laden with synthetics are the direct antithesis of this rule.

A Green Salad Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Alkaline-based recipes are actually easily prepared and do not need to be devoid of proteins. The all-encompassing nutrient rich green salad should be a staple, and can consist of easily prepared spinach leaves and kale, sliced tomato, diced onion and chopped cilantro, along with vinegar to taste. The trick is to not add salt. For protein, magnesium-rich boiled fish can be added for a protein, or more commonly, boiled chicken. Thus the green salad becomes a complete great-tasting meal and adheres to rules of alkalinity. The average alkaline beverage can be unsweetened green tea or a juice drink — freshly juiced, it must be stressed.

The human body is like a container full of water, and to keep up its natural filtration system, so to speak, an in-flux of fresh water, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are constantly required to keep the system’s parts current. The alkaline recipe is the key to alkalinity, and the door it opens is wellness.

Follow an acid and alkaline food chart for details on foods you should include in your recipes.

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