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Alkaline Recipe Meal Plan For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Alkaline Recipe Meal PlanIf you like to plan your meals out for a week or even just a couple of days in advance, there are many options for you to set up a alkaline recipe meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can help you stick to your diet plan.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is also typically the time of day when it is most challenging to get a good meal in. Instead of rushing around during the week trying to plan a good breakfast, there are several recipes available for Smoothies. Preparing a breakfast Smoothie is easy to do and you can select your choice of alkaline fruits and vegetables and create a different smoothie every morning and go to work feeling satisfied.  Find the combinations that you enjoy the most and top them off with a healthy nuts or seeds to help balance your system and fill you up.  Find more healthy and quick breakfast recipes in our recipe database and you will never want to leave home without breakfast again.

On the run?

For those who work outside the home, you are going to look for foods that are portable and easily carried along with you. You have many options including cauliflower salad, avocado salad, cole slaw with avocado dressing, fresh garden vegetable salad and more. If you want something a bit more to go along with your luncheon salad top it off with an alkaline soup such as chilled avocado tomato soup, pumpkin and bean soup or many others to choose from. You can also make your own soups from your favorite alkaline vegetables for a hearty side to your salad.  Other luncheon combinations are available in our acid alkaline recipe book database.

Snacks at work can torpedo your alkaline diet, but this does not have to be the case. You can carry airtight containers with cut up vegetables, seeds or a variety of other healthy alkaline snacks that will help you avoid that mid-afternoon crash.  Find other healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks using our extensive recipe database.

Dinner means that you may be feeding your entire family.  If you like to start off with an appetizer you can choose stuffed tomatoes, pumpkin fries or stir fried greens with almonds.  Main dishes may be a variety of healthy pastas (spelt or vegetable pastas) made with plenty of fresh vegetables or pumpkin ratatouille for something slightly different that will surely please everyone.  Your entire family will love soy pudding, made with almond milk soy powder which provides not only a dessert, but a healthy dessert.  Enjoy experimenting with the recipes that you find in our recipe database.

Just because you are on an alkaline diet doesn’t mean that you should have to give up on enjoying rich and satisfying meals. Finding food combinations that work for you and your family should provide you with delicious, healthy meals and desserts and still allow you to preserve a healthy PH level in your system.

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  • This site and newsletters are very informative and the recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. I appreciate it.

    - Gigi
  • Regarding the Smooothies….it seems the ONLY fruit mentioned that is Alkaline is Watermelon. Does that mean I shouldn’t use blueberries, mango, strawberries, etc? I mean…holw much watermelon can one eat??

    - Christy
  • Having gall bladder discomfort and need to balance acid/akaline diet

    - Pat
  • Can’t wait to get started!

    - melissa
  • My main issue is with elimination, I am constantly constipated. I think that your alkaline diet might help, I will follow it, thanks for your help.

    - Maria Astete
  • I am so happy i found this site

    - yvonne

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