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Alkaline Bottled Water

The Benefits Of Alkaline Bottled Water

Discover the benefits of alkaline bottled water.

Alkaline bottled water is showing up on grocery shelves across the country. Many consumers believe that drinking water with an alkaline pH detoxifies their bodies by neutralizing harmful biological acids. These acids can be anything from metabolites produced by daily stress to reactions to food additives to the waste byproducts of harmful bacteria in our bodies. Because acids are chemically neutralized by alkaline materials, it is thought that drinking alkaline water could provide benefits by removing acidic toxins from our systems.

Not all health professionals agree with this logic. Many are concerned that frugal consumers who make their own alkaline drinking water may, in fact, be manufacturing and consuming liquid with a pH that is too high for good health. While slightly alkaline water could simply be considered a type of mineral water, too much alkalinity could be harmful or even fatal. Experts are concerned that consumers lack the chemical or nutritional expertise to understand the differences.

An easy way to stay safe is to purchase commercially available drinking water with a known alkalinity. Many bottle mineral waters are slightly alkaline, and experts agree that this slight alkalinity is what consumers should be reaching for. Simple dip-stick style test kits are available which will indicate the alkalinity of your favorite brand of bottled water. If it is a good mineral water, the chances are that the pH is already slightly higher than 7, which is a neutral value.

The best way to ensure your safety when drinking alkaline water is to purchase alkaline bottled water. Commercially bottled water is produced under rigorously clean conditions, is quality controlled for the production of a consistently good product, and is subject to manufacturer testing and government safety standards before it reaches consumers. Don’t risk your health by trying to save a few pennies with do it yourself alkaline water kits. Drinking water is too essential to fool around with. Leave it to the professionals and buy your alkaline drinking water already prepared and safely bottled.

When you drink alkaline water and eat foods from an alkaline diet foods list then you will see results fast.

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