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How to Make Alkaline Drinking Water

Alkaline Drinking WaterThere are many desirable alkaline drinking water benefits. Drinking alkaline water can help to reduce the overall acidity level of the body, making it more resistant to problems such as heart disease, cancer, allergies, weight problems, and premature aging. Maintaining an alkaline pH level can help the body eliminate toxins naturally, which will result in overall better health. If you want to make your own alkaline drinking water, there are several methods that you can use.

The Simplest Home Method for How To Make Alkaline Drinking Water

If you want to get started with a more alkaline diet, you can make your own alkaline water simply and inexpensively at home, using items you probably already have on hand. A glass jug with a tight screw-on lid can make a perfect container for your water. Fill the container with drinking water. You can use water from your tap, bottled drinking water, or even distilled water if desired. Leave enough space in the jug to allow it to be easily shaken and mixed. Then, add a half teaspoon of ordinary baking soda to the jug, and shake thoroughly to mix. Then, test the water with a pH test strip, which you can usually find anywhere that sells water testing supplies, such as a pool store. The goal is to achieve about a 8.5 to 9.0 pH level. If testing shows the water has not yet reached this alkaline level, add just a bit more baking soda and retest. Keep track of how much baking soda you need to use, to make the process easier when you make your next batch. You can now store your jug of alkaline water in the refrigerator, just as you would any ordinary drinking water. Shaking the jug before serving is always a good idea.

Alkaline Drops and Tablets

There are other methods you can use besides the baking soda method. You can also purchase alkaline drops or tablets which you can add to your drinking water. There are a number of different brands available, which can usually be found online or at a health food store. Be sure that any alkaline products you purchase are designed for consumption. Alkaline drops can be very handy to take with you, allowing you to add a couple of drops to a glass of water before drinking. They can be especially handy for those who travel a lot. Be sure to take some pH testing strips with you as well so that you can be sure you are achieving the proper alkaline level.

Alkaline Water Machines and Filters

There are also special filters and machines that you can buy to help streamline your production of alkaline water. Jug filters can be quite handy, but be sure to use tap water instead of distilled water, because these filters usually require mineral content in order to work properly. There are also a number of specialized ionizer machines on the market which are designed specifically to create alkaline water. By investing in one of these machines, you’ll have the assurance of knowing that you’ll be able to create water with the proper alkaline level for all your daily uses, such as food preparation and cleaning, in addition to making drinking water. You’ll be able to choose from models that fit on the faucet, sit on the countertop, or install under the sink.

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  • Your information is very useful and accurate to help the body heal.

    - Mindert de Wild
  • Thank you
    For being out there to help people from illness.

    - David
  • This is some of the best information I have read in a while. Thank you for you concern for others in sharing. I would like to know in making the alkaline water does the jug have to be glass can it plastic when adding the baking soda

    - Tyiese
  • I take this as a modern information which is very interesting and thankyou for sharing.

    - jothi
  • thanks for this interesting information. DO you know where I can get an alkaline filter, for my kitchen?

    - moonir khan
  • Thank you for this interesting information . This is just what i needed to know

    - padmagita
  • thanks for yur advice. It is extremely reassuring to find someone who freely shares information, and not feel like being ripped of. \i am ill with cancer of the liver and have visite countless sites which expect to be pai for information freely available on the noet. Once again thanks and best regards.

    - Tony C
  • Truly helpful information! I, too, would like to know the reason for using glass versus plastic as a prep and storage jug. Love the look of your site – very fresh, inspiring, rejuvenating feel to it. Also very easy to navigate. Thanks for being a source of inspiration to all of us.

    - rholees
  • Thanks for the info on how to make alkaline water.

    - Igor E Sedor
  • Thank you for sharing, this is a marvelous way forward showing that we can all help and heal our fellow human being. Much blessings, we are awakening.

    - Brin
  • Hellow,

    I would like to know if you have this product in australia?

    I have crohns disease for over 40 years and wondered if the alkaline water would help me?

    Kind regards,


    - Carmen
  • Thank you so much for the very wonderful information you shared with the people all over the world!!!!! I myself could even help spread the good news that it all started with WATER that is so simple!!!!If only everybody has a knowledge of this advantages in the water that we drink then we could prevent the human body from deteriorating suffering from all types of diseases one can ever imagine…. then this is a very big eye opener for people who did not have enough money to go to the doctor and buy their medicines to cure their diseases….But anybody who wants to help will HIMSELF be a starting point..KUDOS!!!!!!

    - emma
  • What foods are more AKALINE and whats the reason why a akaline state of body is good for you? I also thank you for the information for making alkaline water at home, the first 2 gallons cost 3.99 and 10.99 for 5 gallons.

    - puffgrandma
  • I believe some baking powders contain aluminium. So I guess sodium bicarbonate is the best thing to use.

    - Phil
  • I purchased a water distiller because I wanted to purify the water at home. How can I use the distiller water to make alkaline water. If that’s possible. If not what can I do with the distiller water to make it consumable

    - joegregory
  • FYI- this idea of alkaline water will also help gout sufferers. And man does it work! The science behind it is the alkalinity enters the blood stream quickly and reduces/eliminates the build up of the uric acid/crystals in the body/joints.

    - Graeme
  • When you think of what’s in plastic, and what leaks out, glass is the best way to go. I use Mason jars and I carry them in my lunch bag. I try not to think about the metal in the lid!

    - tinachristina
  • Your instruction is very useful!

    - kian chan
  • I had an abscess in my spine and shoulder due to infection in blood. Spent 7 weeks in hospital and 12 months later still had ongoing pains all over. After seeing numerous specialist doctors the last one offering cortisone injections i tried alkaline water. The relief was almost immediate and a few weeks later no more pain and no more doctors. Lasting effects only is urine tract infection. I swear by alkaline water.

    - bob
  • Very informative

    - Tony Tham
  • Thanks for giving out this useful information. please how often should one drink alkaline water

    - Caryster
    • Most people don’t drink any where near enough water. Drink as often as you like, of course there’s no reason to drink gallons per day though.

      - admin
  • Thank you for so graciously sharing this information. The potential of healing ourselves with water is mind blowing when you think of all the money spent on meds and various treatments.

    - healthy49

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