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Michael Murray



  • Good afternoon

    After browsing throuhg the website I am looking forward to the food chart as well at the recipes because I am diabetic and uncontrollable blood pressure.


    - Hilda Lichaba
  • Thank you very much for sending the acid/alkaline food chart.

    - Cristim Garcia
  • I want to know what foods are alakline.

    - Dianne
  • I would like to know what foods are alkaline and how to balance my diet

    - Bev Whytock
  • Thank you very much for sending the acid/alkaline food charge. I would like to know what foods are alakline and what foods are acidic?

    - Nafisa
  • Seems that everything is acid,that’s before us.
    We don’t even look for alkaline balance.

    - Tom
  • I very much appreciate this info being on- line. I do have some knowledge in this area, and would like to learn more,please. I am a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and like giving my clients good advise.

    - Olivia
  • Thanks for the tip. My reason is not weight loss. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia. I am sure you know that there is no absolute cure for any kind of cancer, however cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment, thus I am trying to rid as much acid out of my blood stream as possible, however, I must be aware of the fact that when I kill those cells I may kill other cells as well.

    - richard
  • thanks for your good work.

    - dennisschaller
  • Dear All,

    Thank you so much for something we have been looking for for quite some time.This will be an excellent Health Pamphlet for our patients.
    Thanks for the wondeful work you are doing.

    - Dr Nicholas Partington
  • Very useful knowledge to enable one to understand the difference between alkaline and acidic food and how to adopt a diet, over time, to fight against cancer.

    Thank you very much.

    - Au Mun Chew
  • Thanks for the information, I have heard and learned alot about acid/alkaline balance

    - Vangie
  • This is a wonderful format to follow.
    Thank you.

    - Patricia Ann Campbell
  • Thank you very much, this helps me in many ways. I will share this information with many persons, friends and clients alike.

    - Tendai Fudail
  • This is a great chart. It just makes life easier.

    - Bonnie Muenz
  • Thank you for sharing this information. I still have the other chart. Why is it that this is not something that is talked about in the media, show’s like Dr. OZ, Oprah, Doctors etc. The Paster of the chruch had this on the agenda for one of our Bible Studies when we where reviewing the book What would Jesus Eat. Very much appreciated.

    - Sky
  • I have been trying to stay on a alkaline diet I also know that cancer can not live .I was diagnosed with estrogen fed tumors 1 in each lung I was eating soy bean products and drinking soy milk till I found out that soy produces estrogen . is that true?

    - Rita Mancha
  • When i print out acid and alkaline food list the colours do not print for the food items disappointing

    - DAVID
    • @DAVID – try the link near the top of the page for a printable version.

      - admin
  • Thank you so much, Michael for everything you send. It is all so informative and I’m looking forward to learning how to combine everything, for I need it badly!

    - Joan McGinnis
  • Thank you so much for sharing with us this valuable informaion. I still have heartburn problem though sometimes it seems to be better, Please keep up the good work and keep helping us. With best wishes. Dhun Dastur

    - Dhun
  • Hi Michael, Thank you for all the information you have sent me over the last few years. Thanks to you I have the Life ionizer and use the water all the time. You are very generous to share all the information you have and you will be blessed for it. Thanks again

    - Sandra Barton
  • Thank you for the information.And I know it will help me. Thank you once again.

    - MaryAnn R.
  • Thank you for sharing this special alkaline diet and making us eating well and staying healthy! I will think of you while parparing a healthy receipe. You’re the Man, and most greatful! Lord bless you, and keep you healthy and longevity!

    - Janet Lee
  • This is truly a great effort to keep the world healthy. Knowledge is power.

    - Winston
  • About a year ago when I checked the aklaline and acid level on my tongue using a strip that I placed on my tongue. For several months the strip turned purplish/blackish which was high aklaline in my body. Now when I check the strip is mostly yellowish which is a high acid body. I want the dark blackish purpleish. I eat the same foods now as I did then. Are these strips an accurate reading. Purchased at a Health Food Store. Every now and then I do have the high aklaline strip, just not everyday.

    - Helena Atkins
  • All the information makes sense and it’s very useful, but the detox procedure you sent me before I lost and I wish you could send me that again, because it really worked wonders. Hard to do but excellent. I felt much better afterwards.

    - Elize
  • After spending a lot of money lately buying information on the web to cure my eczema, only to find ordinary info with no value at all, I am now greatful to you Michael, for freely sharing such important information. I look forward to following the diet

    - Mathabo South Africa
  • I am a health and lifestyle coach and obsessed with the Acid/Alkaline Diet. This couldn’t come at a better time for myself and my clients. Thanks you SO much for your beautiful packet of information that I will save and share with everyone.

    Keep up the good work and keep sending me anything you can think of. Great info!!


    - Wendy
  • ihave been suffering from gout since may17.2010 i am 79 years old and i am bad condition i get flares ups in both feet so i cant walk than my foot dr has to give strong shots so i walk again i am loaded with urid acid and now trying alkaline ihope this works ill keep you informed.sorry if i spelled any words words wrong. im blind in one eye .god bless all .jane

    - jane


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