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food diagram

Important: Only combine where circles touch directly!

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low and non-starchy vegetables starchy vegetables proteins and fats grains
Asparagus Kale Artichokes Meat Amaranth
Bell Pepper Leek Beets Fish Buckwheat
Broccoli Lettuce Beans Foul Quinoa
Brussels Sprouts Onions Carrots Avocado Millet
Cabbage Parsley Corn Beans Oats
Celery Radish Jicama Cerals Rice
Chard Rhubarb Peas Nuts Spelt
Chicory Spinach Potatoes Flax Seeds Wheat and Flours
Chives Summer Squash Pumpkin Pumpkin Seeds
Collards Swiss Chard Hubbard Squash Unhulled Sesame Seeds
Raw Corn Tomatoes Winter Squash
Cucumber Turnip Banana Squash
Endive Turnip Greens Yams
Escarole Watercress
Garlic Zucchini
Green beans

acidity fruit diagram

Important: Only combine where circles touch directly!

sweet fruits sub-acid fruits acid fruits melons
Banana Sweet Cherries Grapefruit Cantaloupe
Dates & Figs Sweet Apple Orange Crenshaw
All Dried Fruit Sweet Berries Lemon Honeydew
Persimmon Apricot Lime Muskmelon
Prunes Papaya Pineapple Watermelon
Sweet Grapes Pear Pomegranate
Mango Sour Grapes
Sweet Peach Cranberries
Sweet Plum Sour Peach & Plum
Sour Apple
Sour Cherries

food transit times

Water 0-15 minutes
Juice 15-30 minutes
Fruit 30-60 minutes
Melons 30-60 minutes
Sprouts 60 minutes
Wheatgrass Juice 60-90 minutes
Most Vegetables 1-2 Hours
Grains and Beans 1-2 Hours
Meat and Fish 3-4 Hours+
Shell Fish 8 Hours+

the 8 rules of food combining

1. Protein and carbohydrate concentrated foods

Breakdown of protein requires an acid medium, and digestion of protein dense animal products requires high levels of hydrochloric acid. Since digestion of carbohydrate dense foods requires an alkaline medium in order to be broken down, high carbohydrate foods that have been mixed with high protein foods will not digest but will sit there fermenting, producing indigestion, bloating and gas. And since this fermentation of carbohydrates will inhibit the digestion of the protein, more gas, bloating and discomfort will be produced. This makes the typical American meal, composed of a large hunk of meat along with potatoes and bread, a recipe for digestive disaster.

Most protein foods are best digested when accompanied by a fresh green salad. Other concentrated protein foods like nuts and seeds combine well with acid fruits such as oranges, pineapples blackberries, or strawberries. They also work fairly well with sub-acid fruits such as apples, cherries, mangos, or peaches. The vitamin C in these fruits aids digestion of the mixture.

2. Eating two concentrated proteins together

Each type of protein requires a specific character, strength and timing of digestive juice secretions. This means that no two types of concentrated protein
should be consumed together at a meal. Nuts, meat, eggs, cheese, or other protein foods should not be eaten together. And no two types of animal protein
should be eaten together, a rule that may be hard to swallow by the surf and turf crowd.

3. Protein and fats

Fats inhibit the secretion of gastric juices needed to digest meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, and eggs by as much as fifty percent. When fat concentrated foods
are eaten with protein concentrated foods, the digestive breakdown of the fats is delayed until gastric juices complete their work on the complex proteins. This
means fats will remain undigested in the stomach for a long period of time. Although some high protein foods also contain high amounts of fat, these fats will be
held in suspension awaiting breakdown without impeding gastric action. However, free fats such as oil, butter and milk fat will coat the gastric mucosa,
inhibiting gastric juice. This is why fried chicken is so hard to digest.

4. Acid fruits with carbohydrates

The enzyme in saliva that begins the breakdown of starch concentrated foods in the mouth does the important job of converting complex starch molecules
into more simple sugars. In order to work, the enzyme requires a neutral or slightly alkaline medium, the natural condition found in the mouth. When acid foods
are eaten, the action of the enzyme needed to break down starch is halted because the medium needed has been altered. Thus acid fruits should not be
eaten at the same meal as sweet fruits or other starches. This combination is what makes spaghetti and other dishes combining tomatoes with starch so

5. Acid fruits with protein

Oranges, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples and other acid fruits can be easily digested and produce no distress when eaten away from starchy and protein
foods. However, when included in a meal that contains a protein concentrated food, the acid fruits seriously hamper protein digestion. This is in part what
makes the typical American breakfast of orange juice, bacon, eggs and toast such a digestive nightmare

6. Starch and sugar

Eating starches that have been disguised as sweets is not a good way to eat starch. Although the “treat” produces an abundance of saliva, the saliva contains
none of the enzyme needed to digest the starch because the sugar has turned the environment acidic. This is why such items as fruit filled Danish settle on the
digestive tract like a sack of bricks. The carbohydrates are fermenting in the body, producing noxious gases.

7. Consuming melons

Melons should not be consumed with any other foods. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and the more exotic melons should always be eaten away from
mealtime and alone. Melons are meant to decompose quickly in the digestive system, which is what they will do if there is no interfering with the process.

8. Consuming milk

Milk is best left to babies who traditionally consume it alone, away from other foods. Milk does not digest in the stomach, but in the duodenum, so the presence
of milk in the stomach does not promote secretion of gastric juice. The use of acid fruits with milk does not cause any digestive difficulty, although the benefits of
the antioxidant potential of the fruits may be lost due to the affinity they have for the protein in milk.


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    Thank you for your consideration.

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    why is Quinoa in the grains category? I was under the impression it was more high protein and more like a legume..???

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  • You do great charts but you don’t provide a printer friendly version. It would be easier for me to compile info if you did. Hopefully this condition is not intentional. The information is so necessary for people to see not being able to print the body of the information is inhibiting.
    Thank you for your time

    - Woody
    • @Woody – See near the beginning of the page for a printable version of the chart.

      - admin
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    - Ruth
  • I also wish to express my gratitude to “The Alkaline Diet Guy” for such wonderful and user-friendly information. I have only been applying these dietary principles for two weeks and I am more energetic already. I am sure that I will soon be more productive again. You have made me so happy! THANK YOU, Michael!

    - Mykel
  • Hi, fantastic chart thank you do much!!

    I don’t see kiwi fruit anywhere, which category would they be and also turkey and seafoods? I’m quite happy to eat loads if salads but do you have any dressing suggestions?
    Thank you so much:)

    - Sophie
    • Kiwis are one of the most alkalizing fruits.

      Turkey and seafood are acidic but can be eaten in balance with the diet.

      Lemon juice and certain oils are fine for dressings.

      - admin
  • I am impressed on how much my mood has improved by doing this diet for only 15 days.
    I also noticed that if I keep gluten away I do not have any cravings at all.
    The site is very informative and easy to use.


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  • Thank you for the wonderful chart. I have been getting lower left back pain for few months.None of the doctors are able to find the problem. One, however said, it could be due to gastritis. I do regurgitate a lot and there is heartburn at times.

    I am fed up of that constant nagging feeling in my mind about the pain. My body gets heated up suddenly as if I have fever. Few days i would be free without any pain but again for the next few days i would get pain. My lower back would be very stiff.

    Looking forward to getting started.

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  • Veggie Smoothie: Passed
    Fruit Smoothie: Uh oh

    I got my fruit smoothie idea from the book “Fit For Life”…my first introduction to proper food combining. Perhaps not so unfortunately, the almonds in the recipe are on the protein side and the bananas and strawberries conflict, too. (I included blueberries, also.) Perhaps the mild gas I typically experienced consuming the fruit smoothies was a result of the combination? I ignored it as I believed it was a sign my body was still too toxic.

    I subsisted mostly on these two smoothies daily for 6 months and felt physically and mentally very strong…and calm. Now, I want to get back to this nutritional way of life, but could do without the gas from the fruit smoothie, though. Will definitely remove the almonds from the recipe, first. If this kills the gas, I’m gonna need some strong will power to kill the strawberries, too.

    - 2LouGit2Kwit

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