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The Hay Diet

Learn how the Hay Diet helps you lose weight.

The Hay Diet was first introduced back in 1911 by Dr. William H. Hay. Dr. Hay was trying to reverse the process of his failing health when he created this diet. The program is based solely in combining the right types of foods together and eating at the right times throughout the day. Because certain foods require different digestion techniques than others, combining foods that are processed differently can cause your metabolism to slow and create problems with your digestion health overall.

Fruits and vegetables are the main source of nutrition with this diet. They can be combined or eaten separately, providing much of the starch and carbohydrates that the body needs. Raw fruits and vegetables provide the highest nutrition value. However, when combining fruits and vegetables, it is important to follow the rules of never eating protein and starch or starch and carbohydrates together in the same meals. Plan your menu around the separation of certain foods to allow foods to be digested properly.

Weight loss tends to occur with this diet because of the healthy combination of foods as well as the increased digestive process which causes an increase in metabolism. The longer food is in the digestive tract, the more likely it will be stored as fat rather than used as fuel. Recipes for the Hay Diet are widely available.

The Hay Diet focused solely on improving health and maintaining a healthy weight. While many people see the word ‘diet’ and immediately assume its intent to create weight loss, that is not always the case. In the case of the Hay Diet and Health Food Combining, weight loss occurs naturally simply due to the fact that food is digested more thoroughly and used more efficiently. Processed foods are eliminated as are unnatural fats. Protein intake is reduced, starch intake is reduce, and unnatural sugars are reduced. All three of these items improve overall health while in many cases creating weight loss.

Use proper food combining along with an alkaline food list free for best results.

Combining Foods

What could be causing your heartburn, bloating or indigestion?

Combining foods is a fairly new technique being used to help maximize the digestion of the foods we eat. By properly combining foods we can improve our health in many ways. If you suffer from heartburn, bloating or indigestion, this might be what you need to get back on track.

Following this program will help the foods you eat to be properly digested. Proteins, starches, vegetables, both cooked and raw, fruits and fats are all digested differently and they also require the proper setting for them to digest. Improper use of foods, can lead to the vitamins and minerals we need to be simply carried out of the body without being absorbed. This will eventually lead to health problems.

All foods are either acid or alkaline and require the proper “medium” in the stomach or digestive track to properly digest the food and aid in the absorption of our minerals and vitamins. Improperly digested foods can cause many problems such as the ones listed earlier plus numerous others including hay fever and other respiratory illnesses.

Weight Loss

Outside of the other health benefits of this program, many will experience weight loss. This is normal as following the program leads you to an overall healthier more natural way of eating.

Meal Planning

Although there are foods that are better for us than others, on this plan, there are no “forbidden” foods. As with any food plan, it is best to consult with your doctor to gain his/her approval. If there are any foods he/she wants you to refrain from, you will know to omit those foods when planning your menu.

The Program

The program is easy. This is not a diet. There are very few rules to learn. With a little planning, you can create very healthy as well as delicious recipes you and your family will love. Meals that are going to boost your health and good to eat, what more could we ask for?

Combining foods. It’s easy, and it will boost your health. Use this along with an acidic vs alkaline food chart for best results.

Food Combination Diet

Learn how to use a food combination diet to lose weight.

A food combination diet is intended to improve one’s overall health by ensuring that the foods eaten are digested properly. Certain foods require stomach acid to be digested, certain foods require the stomach to be more alkaline and still other foods require no additional digestion. Weight loss generally occurs because the digestion is more complete and foods do not sit as long in the digestive tract. In addition, the foods that are eaten tend to be more healthy and nutritious, allowing them to be used as fuel instead of being stored as fat.

The theory behind any of the food combination diets, which include the Hay Diet, is that certain types of foods should be grouped together to allow them to be used properly by the body. It is believed that raw fruits should be eaten alone, as they require little to no further digestion in the stomach. Meals should be set up with proteins eaten by themselves, as they require a more alkaline environment for digestion while starches should be eaten with vegetables or by themselves, as they require a more acidic environment for digestion.

There are many menu plans available for food combination programs. The more closely the rules of the plan are followed, the better results one will see. Free recipes can be found in many places including health food stores and the internet. Many books have been published on the subject as well. When learning the food combination diets, it is important to understand that these diets are based on the acid and alkaline content of one’s body currently. Once the program is implemented, the pH balance of the body will change, resulting usually in weight loss, improved concentration and more energy as well as a general improvement in the overall feeling of well being.

A food combination diet may prove to be a good idea for someone who is suffering from gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux or ulcers. Generally these conditions occur due to an improper acid level in the stomach, usually caused by a build up of undigested foods.

Use a food combining chart along with a complete list of alkaline foods to see the best results possible.

Healthy Food Combining

Learn more about how healthy food combining can improve your health.

Healthy food combining can improve your health overall and help you lose weight. The idea behind food combining is to combine the right types of food in the digestive tract to aid in digestion. For example, starchy foods should be eaten with the right alkaline medium. This is initially supplied by the saliva in the mouth. There are a few basic rules to be followed for a food combining diet.

Acidic foods and proteins should be eaten separately. Proteins and carbohydrates should be eaten at separate meals. Only one kind of protein should be on the menu for any particular meal. Fruits and proteins should not be eaten at the same meal. Fruits and starchy foods should not be eaten together. Melons are to be eaten by themselves, perhaps as a snack. Because fruit requires no digestion, they will be stuck in the digestive tract while the other food is being processed.

Recipes for food combining are easy to find and easy to follow. If you are following a food combining program to help with weight loss, you will find that the program works very well. Raw foods are number one on the list of foods that can be combined to help you maintain your health. By consuming the proper combination of foods, you will be ensuring that your digestive tract remains healthy, a key factor in healthy weight loss.

Healthy food combining begins with knowing what health foods are. A few of these include bananas, papaya, apples, grapes, peaches, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, beets, corn, carrots, almonds, sunflower seeds, watermelon and honeydew melons. Healthy food combining isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change requiring you to closely monitor what you eat to ensure that the right foods are paired for optimum digestion. One diet system that outlines the food combining plan is known as the Hay Diet, designed by Doctor William H. Hay.

Following a list of alkaline foods with proper food combining is a sure way to gain health.

Food Combining Recipes

Learn more about food combining recipes to improve overall health.

Food combining recipes are available in many places. On the internet, in bookstores, natural healing stores, health food stores, everyone has their own version. Food combining is intended to improve overall health and maintain a healthy weight, although weight loss is typically experienced in the beginning because participants tend to eat healthier and increase their metabolism. A few recipes are found below.

Pasta or rice can be combined with tomatoes, spinach, egg plant or peppers. Making one’s own vegetable pasta is a healthier choice still. Chili can be made using navy beans and a favorite combination of peppers, tomatoes and avocado. Navy beans contain a different alkaline structure than the kidney bean typically found in chili. Soups can be made that are a healthy balance of alkaline as well. Using turnips, tomatoes, carrots and spinach as a base that can be spiced up with a red pepper creates a soup that the whole family will love.

Stuffed peppers do not have to be abandoned to follow a food combining plan. The ingredients used to stuff them will have to be changed however. Fish is a great healthy menu item. To make a great meal, add some lentils. While bread is generally considered off limits when one begins a diet, with food combining its not necessarily off limits. Changing the ingredients to a more healthy, gluten free bread is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

Food combining recipes can be found in many different places such as the internet, health food stores, natural healing shops. The idea behind food combining is just eating the right foods together at the right time to achieve optimal health and wellness. Raw fruits and vegetables have long been known for their nutritious qualities. Food combining diets such as the Hay Diet have been around since 1911. Following the rules of the diet and eating health, well balanced meals is the real key.

You can also use a printable list of alkaline foods with food combining recipes to alkalize your body at the same time.

Food Combining Diet

The Rules and Effects of the Food Combining Diet

What you must know about the food combining diet and it’s effects.

The food combining diet is a weight loss plan in which dieters consume certain food combinations, in order to support optimal digestion. When dieters consume these combinations, their bodies are able to fully digest their food. This helps the body get the full nutritional value from it’s food, instead of losing nutrients due to poor digestion.

The Correct Food Combinations:

When practicing food combining, certain combinations are encouraged, while others are avoided completely. For example, protein and starches should not be consumed at the same meal, but both proteins and starches can be consumed with vegetables. Fruits should be eaten alone at least a few hours between other meals. Only one type of protein should be eaten at a meal, which means choosing between pork and beans, and should not be consumed with a large amount of fat.

Dieters should also avoid combining starches with sugars. This means avoiding sugary desserts, at least until the meal has been fully digested, which can take a couple of hours. Eating a sugary dessert directly after a meal will slow the digestion of the meal and keep the dessert from digesting properly. This can cause the dessert to sit in the stomach and ferment, creating vinegar, acids, and/or alcohol within the stomach.

Why Does Food Combining Work?

Food combining works because different foods need enzymes in order to digest properly. Some of these enzymes are acidic and some are alkaline. When a dieter consumes foods that require both acidic and alkaline enzymes, these enzymes neutralize each other, therefore slowing digestion.

When following a food combining program, dieters are able to efficiently digest their food, which boosts their metabolism and ensures that they are getting the proper nutrients from their diet. Even without severely decreasing the amount of a dieter’s caloric intake, many dieters notice weight loss, simply due to an increased metabolism. Although a food combining diet may be difficult to get use to, this diet will improve a dieter’s overall health, while slimming their waistline.

Use an acid alkaline chart with food combining for maximum results.

The Alkaline Diet