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Combining Foods

What could be causing your heartburn, bloating or indigestion?

Combining foods is a fairly new technique being used to help maximize the digestion of the foods we eat. By properly combining foods we can improve our health in many ways. If you suffer from heartburn, bloating or indigestion, this might be what you need to get back on track.

Following this program will help the foods you eat to be properly digested. Proteins, starches, vegetables, both cooked and raw, fruits and fats are all digested differently and they also require the proper setting for them to digest. Improper use of foods, can lead to the vitamins and minerals we need to be simply carried out of the body without being absorbed. This will eventually lead to health problems.

All foods are either acid or alkaline and require the proper “medium” in the stomach or digestive track to properly digest the food and aid in the absorption of our minerals and vitamins. Improperly digested foods can cause many problems such as the ones listed earlier plus numerous others including hay fever and other respiratory illnesses.

Weight Loss

Outside of the other health benefits of this program, many will experience weight loss. This is normal as following the program leads you to an overall healthier more natural way of eating.

Meal Planning

Although there are foods that are better for us than others, on this plan, there are no “forbidden” foods. As with any food plan, it is best to consult with your doctor to gain his/her approval. If there are any foods he/she wants you to refrain from, you will know to omit those foods when planning your menu.

The Program

The program is easy. This is not a diet. There are very few rules to learn. With a little planning, you can create very healthy as well as delicious recipes you and your family will love. Meals that are going to boost your health and good to eat, what more could we ask for?

Combining foods. It’s easy, and it will boost your health. Use this along with an acidic vs alkaline food chart for best results.

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