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Food Combination Diet

Learn how to use a food combination diet to lose weight.

A food combination diet is intended to improve one’s overall health by ensuring that the foods eaten are digested properly. Certain foods require stomach acid to be digested, certain foods require the stomach to be more alkaline and still other foods require no additional digestion. Weight loss generally occurs because the digestion is more complete and foods do not sit as long in the digestive tract. In addition, the foods that are eaten tend to be more healthy and nutritious, allowing them to be used as fuel instead of being stored as fat.

The theory behind any of the food combination diets, which include the Hay Diet, is that certain types of foods should be grouped together to allow them to be used properly by the body. It is believed that raw fruits should be eaten alone, as they require little to no further digestion in the stomach. Meals should be set up with proteins eaten by themselves, as they require a more alkaline environment for digestion while starches should be eaten with vegetables or by themselves, as they require a more acidic environment for digestion.

There are many menu plans available for food combination programs. The more closely the rules of the plan are followed, the better results one will see. Free recipes can be found in many places including health food stores and the internet. Many books have been published on the subject as well. When learning the food combination diets, it is important to understand that these diets are based on the acid and alkaline content of one’s body currently. Once the program is implemented, the pH balance of the body will change, resulting usually in weight loss, improved concentration and more energy as well as a general improvement in the overall feeling of well being.

A food combination diet may prove to be a good idea for someone who is suffering from gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux or ulcers. Generally these conditions occur due to an improper acid level in the stomach, usually caused by a build up of undigested foods.

Use a food combining chart along with a complete list of alkaline foods to see the best results possible.

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