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Food Combining Chart

Learn how to use a food combining chart.

Food combining charts are available from many sources. One must understand how to read one first, then understand the reasons behind the food combining plan. Reading a food combining chart is relatively easy. Basically, where the circles of the different categories overlap it is acceptable to combine those foods at one time. Keep in mind, the reason for a food combining program is to keep certain types of food separate to assist with one’s digestion and maintain a healthy weight.

One will find that at the core of any food combining diet, such as the Hay Diet, is plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Everyone is aware that eating raw fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice and may help with weight loss as well. The rules of the food combining menu include never combining starchy foods with protein. This is because starchy foods are digested differently that proteins. For each digestive process there is a specific type of food that should be eaten at a specific time.

A menu that separates the foods properly and ensures that the plan is followed closely will result in better health, better spirits and a sense of overall well being for those following the menu. Meals can be as simple as fruit and vegetables or a salad to extravagant dinner party type recipes. It is all simple to put together and easy to follow but it does require a lifestyle change. While it is labeled as a “diet”, food combining is intended to maintain a healthy weight and increase digestive health. One of the benefits of the increased health of the digestive tract can be a more active metabolism that will result in weight loss if one needs to lose weight.

Food combining charts are available literally everywhere. There are many to be found on the internet as well as health food stores and other natural healing stores. It is important to remember that food combining does not mean giving up all of the comfort foods that one enjoys. Most comfort food recipes can be modified to fit into the food combining plan.

Also use a food pH chart for better results when choosing which foods to eat.

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