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Food Combining Diet

The Rules and Effects of the Food Combining Diet

What you must know about the food combining diet and it’s effects.

The food combining diet is a weight loss plan in which dieters consume certain food combinations, in order to support optimal digestion. When dieters consume these combinations, their bodies are able to fully digest their food. This helps the body get the full nutritional value from it’s food, instead of losing nutrients due to poor digestion.

The Correct Food Combinations:

When practicing food combining, certain combinations are encouraged, while others are avoided completely. For example, protein and starches should not be consumed at the same meal, but both proteins and starches can be consumed with vegetables. Fruits should be eaten alone at least a few hours between other meals. Only one type of protein should be eaten at a meal, which means choosing between pork and beans, and should not be consumed with a large amount of fat.

Dieters should also avoid combining starches with sugars. This means avoiding sugary desserts, at least until the meal has been fully digested, which can take a couple of hours. Eating a sugary dessert directly after a meal will slow the digestion of the meal and keep the dessert from digesting properly. This can cause the dessert to sit in the stomach and ferment, creating vinegar, acids, and/or alcohol within the stomach.

Why Does Food Combining Work?

Food combining works because different foods need enzymes in order to digest properly. Some of these enzymes are acidic and some are alkaline. When a dieter consumes foods that require both acidic and alkaline enzymes, these enzymes neutralize each other, therefore slowing digestion.

When following a food combining program, dieters are able to efficiently digest their food, which boosts their metabolism and ensures that they are getting the proper nutrients from their diet. Even without severely decreasing the amount of a dieter’s caloric intake, many dieters notice weight loss, simply due to an increased metabolism. Although a food combining diet may be difficult to get use to, this diet will improve a dieter’s overall health, while slimming their waistline.

Use an acid alkaline chart with food combining for maximum results.

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