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Food Combining Recipes

Learn more about food combining recipes to improve overall health.

Food combining recipes are available in many places. On the internet, in bookstores, natural healing stores, health food stores, everyone has their own version. Food combining is intended to improve overall health and maintain a healthy weight, although weight loss is typically experienced in the beginning because participants tend to eat healthier and increase their metabolism. A few recipes are found below.

Pasta or rice can be combined with tomatoes, spinach, egg plant or peppers. Making one’s own vegetable pasta is a healthier choice still. Chili can be made using navy beans and a favorite combination of peppers, tomatoes and avocado. Navy beans contain a different alkaline structure than the kidney bean typically found in chili. Soups can be made that are a healthy balance of alkaline as well. Using turnips, tomatoes, carrots and spinach as a base that can be spiced up with a red pepper creates a soup that the whole family will love.

Stuffed peppers do not have to be abandoned to follow a food combining plan. The ingredients used to stuff them will have to be changed however. Fish is a great healthy menu item. To make a great meal, add some lentils. While bread is generally considered off limits when one begins a diet, with food combining its not necessarily off limits. Changing the ingredients to a more healthy, gluten free bread is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

Food combining recipes can be found in many different places such as the internet, health food stores, natural healing shops. The idea behind food combining is just eating the right foods together at the right time to achieve optimal health and wellness. Raw fruits and vegetables have long been known for their nutritious qualities. Food combining diets such as the Hay Diet have been around since 1911. Following the rules of the diet and eating health, well balanced meals is the real key.

You can also use a printable list of alkaline foods with food combining recipes to alkalize your body at the same time.

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