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Healthy Food Combining

Learn more about how healthy food combining can improve your health.

Healthy food combining can improve your health overall and help you lose weight. The idea behind food combining is to combine the right types of food in the digestive tract to aid in digestion. For example, starchy foods should be eaten with the right alkaline medium. This is initially supplied by the saliva in the mouth. There are a few basic rules to be followed for a food combining diet.

Acidic foods and proteins should be eaten separately. Proteins and carbohydrates should be eaten at separate meals. Only one kind of protein should be on the menu for any particular meal. Fruits and proteins should not be eaten at the same meal. Fruits and starchy foods should not be eaten together. Melons are to be eaten by themselves, perhaps as a snack. Because fruit requires no digestion, they will be stuck in the digestive tract while the other food is being processed.

Recipes for food combining are easy to find and easy to follow. If you are following a food combining program to help with weight loss, you will find that the program works very well. Raw foods are number one on the list of foods that can be combined to help you maintain your health. By consuming the proper combination of foods, you will be ensuring that your digestive tract remains healthy, a key factor in healthy weight loss.

Healthy food combining begins with knowing what health foods are. A few of these include bananas, papaya, apples, grapes, peaches, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, beets, corn, carrots, almonds, sunflower seeds, watermelon and honeydew melons. Healthy food combining isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change requiring you to closely monitor what you eat to ensure that the right foods are paired for optimum digestion. One diet system that outlines the food combining plan is known as the Hay Diet, designed by Doctor William H. Hay.

Following a list of alkaline foods with proper food combining is a sure way to gain health.

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