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Food Combining for Weight Loss

Learn how eating different combinations of food can help you loose weight.

Food combining for weight loss is an effective method that doesn’t change what you eat, but how you eat it. By combining certain types of foods you can encourage your body to lose weight, and keep a healthy and balanced diet. It can even prevent indigestion, cramps, constipation and heart burn.

Your body has a complicated digestive system that allows nutrients and minerals to be absorbed into the blood stream. This keeps the chemicals in our bodies flowing correctly which can effect our moods, appetite and so much more.

Combining certain foods with others helps our stomach with the digestive system. Some foods need different conditions in the stomach to digest properly, and certain foods help produce the digestive enzymes that we need. These types of foods are known as acidic foods and alkaline foods. Proteins, such as meats or legumes, need acidic digestive juices, to absorb properly. Carbohydrates need alkaline juices to digest. Dividing up the groups of food is simple.

The best and simplest way to combine foods is to organize them into 4 groups. Proteins are group one, this includes meats, cheese, fish, eggs, dairy products and nuts. These foods digest slowly and produce acidic juices for digestion. Group two is carbohydrate, that is grains and starchy vegetables. Group three is all other vegetables and group four is fruits.

Always eat group three (vegetables) with either group one or two. Never eat one and two together. Group four is a perfect snack, and should always be eaten alone, because fruits digest the fastest of all the four groups. It’s that simple.

Food combining is a great way to manage your weight. When the body absorbs food ineffectively these undigested minerals and nutrients can turn into fat or cellulite. To effectively absorb food eat a single food by itself or combine that food with another food from a different group you maximize your bodies ability to absorb foods effectively.

Food combining for weight loss doesn’t ask you to cut out certain groups or even cut calories, you simply have to change your combination. It is a natural and effective way to encourage your body to absorb food in the most effective way. Use the free list of alkaline foods on this site for most effective results.

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