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Proper Food Combining

What Dieters Must Know About Proper Food Combining

Learn the secrets of proper food combining for your healthiest diet yet.

Proper food combining requires that an individual make selective food choices in order to create meals that can be efficiently digested by the body. As many dieters are unaware, calories are not the only thing that affects a weight loss plan. The types of foods that are consumed in combination with one another also have an affect on weight loss.

Different types of food require different enzymes during digestion. Some of these enzymes are acidic, while others are alkaline. When a meal is consumed containing foods that require both acidic and alkaline enzymes, these enzymes neutralize each other. This makes it impossible for the meal to be digested properly, which wastes nutrients and slows the metabolism.

What Food Combinations Should Be Added into My Meal Plan?

There are many different food combinations that can be added to a dieter’s menu. For the absolute best digestion, dieters may want to stick with one type of food per meal. However, this can get very boring and make it difficult to create filling meals. Fortunately, certain food combinations are also digested optimally by the body.

When following a food combination program, choose to either include starch or one protein in a meal. Both protein and starches can be beneficially eaten with vegetables, which makes it possible to create well rounded, filling meals. If a dieter needs dessert to feel satisfied, he or she should wait at least 30 minutes to one hour to consume a dessert, ideally made up of raw fruits.

Food Combinations to Avoid:

There are also some food combinations that should be avoided. Proteins and starches should always be separated into different meals and never eaten in combination with fruit. It is also important to avoid eating a large amount of fat with protein and to stick to one source of protein per meal. Desserts and sugary treats should also be avoided after a big meal and instead be consumed a few hours after a meal, if at all. While proper food combining does require careful planning and some discipline, the health and weight loss benefits are certainly worth the effort.

View a food combining chart and an acidic and alkaline food chart for details on foods to eat.

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