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The Hay Diet

Learn how the Hay Diet helps you lose weight.

The Hay Diet was first introduced back in 1911 by Dr. William H. Hay. Dr. Hay was trying to reverse the process of his failing health when he created this diet. The program is based solely in combining the right types of foods together and eating at the right times throughout the day. Because certain foods require different digestion techniques than others, combining foods that are processed differently can cause your metabolism to slow and create problems with your digestion health overall.

Fruits and vegetables are the main source of nutrition with this diet. They can be combined or eaten separately, providing much of the starch and carbohydrates that the body needs. Raw fruits and vegetables provide the highest nutrition value. However, when combining fruits and vegetables, it is important to follow the rules of never eating protein and starch or starch and carbohydrates together in the same meals. Plan your menu around the separation of certain foods to allow foods to be digested properly.

Weight loss tends to occur with this diet because of the healthy combination of foods as well as the increased digestive process which causes an increase in metabolism. The longer food is in the digestive tract, the more likely it will be stored as fat rather than used as fuel. Recipes for the Hay Diet are widely available.

The Hay Diet focused solely on improving health and maintaining a healthy weight. While many people see the word ‘diet’ and immediately assume its intent to create weight loss, that is not always the case. In the case of the Hay Diet and Health Food Combining, weight loss occurs naturally simply due to the fact that food is digested more thoroughly and used more efficiently. Processed foods are eliminated as are unnatural fats. Protein intake is reduced, starch intake is reduce, and unnatural sugars are reduced. All three of these items improve overall health while in many cases creating weight loss.

Use proper food combining along with an alkaline food list free for best results.

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