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The Food Combining Chart

Food Combining Without Complicated Rules or Strict Regimes

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Food Combining Chart
Easy to use reference chart of compatible foods

Digestive health & a balanced approach to weight loss

Food combining has helped millions to bounce back from health problems, and is particularly suitable for help with digestive problems, allergies, lack of energy and excess weight.

Is your digestive system struggling?

A lot of problems come from what we eat and how we combine our foods together.

Food combining is important if you have stomach troubles.

Poor digestion causes serious problems.

Starches and proteins are digested in different ways. By simplifying our meals, our stomach and intestine will have an easier time.

Other animals, including our closest relatives (chimps and gorrilas) tend to not eat a variety of foods at once.

Most people get away with “mis-combining”, however, if you’re prone to acid reflux, digestive discomfort, bloating after meals, heartburn and other digestive problems, you will find food combining beneficial.

Learn The Rules Of Food Combining:

  • The very best ways to improve your digestion.
  • The 2 rules you need to follow, if you do nothing else…
  • Clear, effective advice on how to lose weight permanently.
  • Eliminate dinner fatigue and boost energy levels.
  • Overcome allergies, stop gas and indigestion.
  • What foods, fruits, and vegetables you can eat if you have acid reflux or IBS.
  • How acid/alkaline balance is the most important component for vibrant health.

The food combining chart makes food combining simple.

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  • I’ve printed the chart and kept it in the kitchen. Such a useful reference for preparing meals. Thanks

    - Lauren
  • I’d say a major cause of illness is incomplete digestion. If food doesn’t break down properly, then rotting starts to take place. Your body then has to get rid of that toxic waste. Eating the wrong food combinations results in incomplete digestion which can only lead to disaster.

    - Jack Hammond
  • This chart makes digestion easier and more efficient!

    - A. Sharma
  • Wonderful ideas that DO have my head spinning from all the awful things I’ve been doing to my body.

    - Val Wilcox
  • You have a great website. Keep up the good work. We appreciate you more every day.

    - T
  • thank you I would like to see the food combination

    - Arlette
  • Very interested in food combining

    - Durlene Williams
  • i really need the alkaline foods,i would like the list please

    - noreen walker
  • what is alkaline? and why is it so importaint to our body? I would like to see the food combinding chart
    Thank you

    - gil quintana
  • I am having trouble obtaining the list of
    foods that can and cannot be combined with
    other foods. In other words, I need to
    know what foods to combine with which other
    foods. Thanks

    - Joan Fellows
    • The chart is sent to you by email. Just enter you email on this page and you will get the chart within a few minutes.

      - admin
  • I would like to know more about the excellent food combination chart.

    - Jon Look
  • i would like to learn how to combine foods to help my digestion problems

    - debbie
  • Having GERD problems, hope this will help

    - Bonnie Hubrich
  • Looking forward to the guide.

    - CG Smith
  • website is helpful and easy to follow.

    - carol
  • I have been following the Food Combining way for many years,and I am very pleased, since I began F/C no more pain in my hands from arthritis and no more indigestion or burping or wind, lose weight without trying and feel great. It’s worth doing. (I thought I would like to help tell others that F/C really does work). I am 76 and doing well.
    Mary C

    - Mary Cowell
  • It looks very interesting.Please send me
    the Food Combining Chart. Thanks.

    - Rosa
  • I look forward to receiving my food combining chart.

    Thank you

    - Vanessa Ashworth
  • I look forward in receiving my food chart and start loosing weight, thank you

    - angie
  • I am interested in seeing the food chart. But I am finding a lot of conflicting information.
    Different charts are showing the same foods as being a alkeline and others acidic. This is very confusing.

    - Sky Steed
    • @Sky – One of the main reason you will see conflicting information is that with alkalizing you need to look at the resulting alkaline ash after digestion. For instance, lemons which are obviously acidic are quite alkaline after digestion.

      - admin
  • I have been eating fruits and vegetables and other heathful foods for a long time but my health was not like it should have been.
    I had stomach problems and head aches etc.
    I could not understand it as I thought I was eating right !!
    I now understand that I WAS EATING RIGHT but that I was not combining my foods in the right order.I am really excited to get this information and I feel for sure that my health will improve !!
    Thanks for this wonderful offer!! Ruby Collier

    - Ruby Collier
  • I’m having a skin problem, and I’ve been told to stay off acidic food, so I really need a list of which foods are acidic and which foods are alkaline.

    - C
  • How do i test my PH ?
    Thank you !

    - magda
  • I am perimenopause, age 50, and have gained 10 lbs in 12 months going from 135-145 lbs. 5’4″ I work out 3-5 times a week as well. Frustrated!!!!YES!!!! Anything in particular you can suggest? Thanks

    - Caroline
  • Blood tests were done and I have been diagnosed with adrenal burnout. Apparently I must stick to a low GI diet to prevent sugar spikes and drops as well as energy spikes and drops. Can I combine the foods in the list with a low GI diet? Nobody can actually give me a proper guideline as to which foods I can eat and which foods must be avoided in order not to put further stress on my adrenals which is not functioning at all. Hopefully you can give me a suggestion. Regards

    - Mari Gepp
  • Thank you very much for all the helpful information. I look forward to the food combination chart.

    - Leecmimi75
  • I would like to know why I cannot get the chart and alkaline diet, and combining food chart. I put my name and my email and it says its used already. Please correct this I need this info. Thank You! Alicia

    - Alicia Kozicki
  • did F/C 20 years ago-lost 100lbs without trying. Stopped-gradually gained back–have leaky gut – need to try it again–I hope the chart I get is the same one I had before.

    - mary forner

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Share the knowledge:


To receive your FREE food combining chart and alkaline diet guide, simply enter your name and email

What is your biggest priority?

More Energy
Health Condition
General Well-being
Aches & Pain

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