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6 Effective Food Combining Recipes

Food Combining RecipesIf you are concerned about giving up some of your favorite foods to undertake an alkaline diet, don’t be!  Remember, alkaline diets don’t require you to eat 100% alkaline foods, in fact, 70% alkaline food in your diet is more than sufficient to keep your body in balance. With that in mind, here are some proper food combining recipes ideas that you can combine and still eat your favorite foods while keeping your balance.

Pasta – Try combining your favorite pasta or rice with eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach. You can make your own vegetable pasta for an even healthier alternative;

Chili – Make your own chili with navy beans and your favorite combination of hot peppers, tomatoes and even avocado.  Your entire family will love the taste and you can take satisfaction in knowing that they are eating a well balanced meal that is keeping their system in proper alkaline balance;

Soups – You may be surprised at the variety of soups that you can create that are healthy and alkaline. For example, turnips, spinach, carrots and tomatoes can be a great base for a healthy and alkaline soup that your entire family is sure to enjoy.  If you want to spice it up a bit you can toss in a red pepper for a special “zing”.

Stuffed peppers – If you can’t stand the idea of giving up stuffed peppers (or if you love stuffed tomatoes) you can still have them while you are on an alkaline diet. Simply change what you are stuffing them with!  You can stuff peppers or tomatoes with a mixture of basmati rice, peppers, tomatoes and for an added treat you can crush almonds into them.  This meal is sure to be a family pleaser too!

Fish – If you are serving salmon or other healthful fish, you may want to consider preparing a side dish of lentils. Not only are lentils packed with nutrients but when you combine them with garlic, peppers and a pinch of seasonings your entire family will enjoy them.  Lentils not only help you get required nutrients but they can help keep your system in balance.

Bread – There are few of us who can pass up a piece of fresh-baked bread. Instead of baking bread with white processed flour, consider baking pumpkin bread with gluten-free flour and fresh pumpkin.  This will be one treat that no one will be able to turn down easily!


Alkaline diets do not mean you have to starve yourself or go without your favorite foods. Just be aware of what you are eating and ensure that your diet contains a bulk of alkaline versus non-alkaline foods. There are hundreds of free food combining recipes online that you can try to find the recipes that work best for you and your family.

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    I have IBS(Irritable bowel syndrom)for the 30 years. Now I am unable to take spicy and oil food.What type of food combination work out for my digestion problem.
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