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Healthy Food Combining

Food Combination DietHealthy food combining principles are based on the fact that digestion is governed by physiological chemistry. Let’s take a look at digestive enzymes in particular since different foods need different enzymes. Each digestive enzyme is secreted at specific times in certain amounts. Carbohydrate foods need carbohydrate splitting enzymes; proteins need protein splitting enzymes and so forth. This knowledge of the digestive process has led many to seek out methods of food combinations that promote efficient digestion. Here are few basic rules to follow to experience effective results:

Carbohydrates and Acidic Fruit

Carbohydrates should not be combined with acidic food. Don’t eat foods like bread, rice, and potatoes, with foods such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes and other citrus fruits. The reason for this is because one of the enzymes for carbohydrates, ptyalin, can only function in an alkaline environment. Even the mildest acids can deactivate it.

Another reason fruit acids delay the digestion of carbs is because they can produce fermentation. When this happen oxalic acid can become diluted and completely disable ptyalin’s actions. One thing to remember about tomatoes is that they should never be combined with starchy foods. The various acids in tomatoes are intensified through cooking and are in complete opposition to the alkaline digestion of starches. They can be enjoyed more thoroughly with leafy vegetables and fat foods.

Concentrated Proteins and Concentrated Carbs

These two types of foods should also be kept apart, so foods like meat, eggs, cheese, and nuts are not compatible with things like bread, cake, cereals, and potatoes. Candy and sugar should not be combined with protein for the reason that they inhibit the secretion of gastric juices and if taken in large amount can even depress stomach activity.

Two Concentrated Proteins

Avoid combining nuts with meat, eggs with cheese, etc. These combinations are not effective in promoting healthy digestion since proteins differ in the required make up and specific strengths of digestive juices needed to break them down. Eggs call for different timings in stomach secretion than meat and milk, if it must be taken, should be left alone.

Fats, Proteins, and Acid Fruits

Cream, butter, and oil can all inhibit gastric gland production of juices needed to digest proteins like meat, nuts, and cheese. When acidic fruits are combined with proteins this takes a serious toll on the digestive process and also causes putrefaction. Milk and orange juice is far from a good combination and orange juice and eggs is even worse.

Starches and Sugars

Jellies, jams, syrup, and butter are popularly paired with bread, cake, and cereals. These combinations also cause fermentation. When sugar enters the mouth this does increase salivation but no ptyalin is present, which we know is necessary to digest starches.

So sometimes when people blame excessive gas on acidic fruits such as tomatoes and citrus they are actually experiencing the problems the body is experiencing in breaking down these foods with the proper enzymes. Hyperacidity of the stomach and fermentation sets the stage for difficult digestion and discomfort.

Sticking to a well balanced alkaline diet and combining acids and alkalis in the proper way can help renew energy, speed up digestion and metabolism, curb indigestion, and positively neutralize excessive gas and discomfort. These are just some of the advantages of healthy food combining. Why not conduct your own experiments and witness these good results for yourself.

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  • Thank you.

    - Roberta
  • I have heard that food combinations can provide wonderful health benefits. Thank you.

    - Gary
  • please email me some good easy to follow food combining charts – how much are they

    - gary
  • Hi Gary, just enter your email with the form on the right and the chart will be sent to you. There is no need to pay for it either, it’s free.

    - admin
  • I appreciated hearing from your people regarding food combining. My husband and I quit eating meat with potatoes, over a year ago, It took a little getting use to, but we feel better now.
    Thank You, To good Health

    - theresa
  • I believe what you’re saying about the combination diet, but I don’t know how to fix meals with the right foods.

    - Margaret Willis
  • I desperately need any info you could forward regarding, food combination, if it helps the breakdown and digestion of my food I certainly need it. Thank you

    - H C Moon
  • Can you drink coffee on this diet,or does it depend what foods you drink the coffee with?

    - Traceybee

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