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Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Learn to use a food chart to check food acidity and alkaline.

An acid alkaline food chart is intended to help guide one towards achieving the proper pH balance in the body to enable one to achieve optimal health. This is a list of fruits, vegetables and other foods that are separated by their acidic value and their alkaline value, usually listed by which is high in alkaline first and ending with the acid concentration.

The alkaline level in foods is found by forming ash from the food and placing it in water that has a zero pH level and gauging the change in the water’s level after the ash dissolves. When selecting foods, the choice is made by acid vs alkaline level. Acidic foods are usually listed on the chart as to avoid as much as possible. Alkaline foods are lists as the best for a person to consume.

High acidity levels lead to gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux and ulcers. By maintaining a diet of low acid foods which include raw vegetables one can help relieve these problems once they exist and can help create a healthy pH level in the body which leads to a better overall health. Highly alkaline foods such as carrots, cauliflower and lettuce help maintain a healthy pH level and are also healthy for you. Because one is increasing the healthy foods and reducing the acidic foods, usually weight loss occurs.

An acid alkaline food chart shows one exactly which foods are best to eat and which are best to avoid. While there are some variations on the charts, there is an overall agreement when comparing the various charts. These charts are available from natural healing stores, on the internet and health food stores and there are many books written on the subject that can be found in a library or book store. Diets such as the Hay Diet plan have been around since the early 1900’s and continue to be popular today.

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