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Alkaline Diet Food List

Learn what foods you can eat and stay on your diet.

The Alkaline Diet Food List includes a number of healthy foods you can enjoy while dieting. The alkaline diet is based on the theory that ash-forming compounds and minerals leave alkaline residue in the body after they’ve been digested. The diet thus promotes the consumption of healthy, low-sugar fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and tubers, avoiding the calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and copper rich foods like dairy, meat, grains, caffeine and alcohol. By following the alkaline diet, many dieters hope to maintain their blood’s naturally slight alkaline pH.

The chart is typically divided up by comparing which foods form the most alkaline compounds vs which cause acid build up, making it easy to manage your body’s acid-base balance by selecting your fare carefully. Fruits like citrus, which are very acidic, are mixed with low alkaline-forming fruits like coconut, vegetables like snow peas, carrots and cauliflower, and nuts like almonds or cashews.

The chart typically recommends the complete avoidance of acid forming foods like meats, fish and most dairy products, although clarified butter is recommended. Healthy deserts such as baked apples and sugar alternatives like sucanat and rice syrup are also included, meaning that it’s easier to create an overall good plan by using the chart. Alkaline dieters tailor their menu so that they can avoid ailments like cancers, osteoporosis and other bone-health issues, but also because by following the alkaline diet list, they can easily manage their own health from the comfort of their home lifestyles.

Consult the Alkaline Diet Food List whenever you want to add some spice to your typical fare. By checking out your wide range of available cuisine options, you can tailor yourself a custom menu that helps you meet your health needs without sacrificing your taste buds for a greater cause. Happy Dieting!

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