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Alkaline Foods Chart

Learn to follow alkaline food charts for optimal health.

Using an alkaline foods chart to determine which foods are better to eat is a great way to improve one’s overall health and combat common health issues such as acid reflux and ulcers. Acid reflux and ulcers are thought to be caused in part by a high level of acid in the stomach, which is likely caused by a high consumption of foods that are high in acid content. The list of foods that are very low in acidic value and higher in alkaline value has been shown to improve the pH balance of ones system, improving these conditions and increasing overall health.

The body’s optimal pH level is around 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. A pH balance of 7 is a totally neutral level, not acidic and not alkaline. The goal is maintain a pH level that is slightly alkaline of 7.4. The range for pH in the body is between 4 and 10, with 4 being very acidic and 10 being very alkaline. Our pH levels will fluctuate throughout the day depending on many things such as activity level, the foods consumed and even our moods and stress levels. How our bodies react to different things can cause variation in the levels.

Many raw vegetables are known to be highly alkaline. It is recommended that these vegetables be consumed regularly to help the body maintain the proper pH balance. When determining alkaline vs acidic levels in foods, an ash is created from the food. This ash is then dissolved in zero pH water. When the ash dissolves, the pH level in the water is once again checked, determining whether the ash created a more acidic or alkaline water. This process is done for each food, forming the list of foods that are found in the food charts.

An alkaline foods chart can easily be found on the internet, in books, in health food stores and is available from your family physician as well. Following the foods chart as closely as possible can help one to reduce the health problems associated with a high acid content in the body and improve overall health.

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